The Environmental Impact of Ureteroscopes

The environmental toll of healthcare practices has become an increasingly important topic in healthtech. As an organization dedicated to providing state-of-the-art medical devices, IML recognizes the importance of continuously evaluating and addressing our tools’ environmental footprint.

With that in mind, this post aims to shed light on the environmental considerations associated with using ureteroscopes, highlighting challenges and potential opportunities for a more sustainable approach.

What are the environmental challenges of ureteroscopes?

Ureteroscopes are crucial tools in modern urology procedures. However, the production, consumption, and disposal of these primarily single-use devices contribute to the environmental impact of the healthcare sector as a whole.

The device life cycle of ureteroscopes involves various stages, each with its own environmental implications. We briefly highlight these below.

Manufacturing process

The production of ureteroscopes involves extracting raw materials, manufacturing, and transportation. Each stage in the process results in carbon emissions and resource consumption, creating challenges in minimizing the overall environmental impact of these essential devices.


The single-use nature of ureteroscopes raises concerns about growing volumes of medical waste. Therefore, proper disposal is crucial, and environmentally responsible practices can be integrated at this level to help mitigate the impact on landfills.


Reusable ureteroscopes require a stringent sterilization process that requires extra time, cutting into efficiency in time-strapped operating rooms. Additionally, the sterility of reusable ureteroscopes can never be fully guaranteed despite the best efforts of medical professionals.

The process of sterilizing typically involves the use of chemicals and energy-intensive equipment. These processes also contribute to the overall environmental burden associated with the multi-use ureteroscopes.

A shift towards environmental responsibility

At IML, our commitment to responsible healthcare extends to finding innovative solutions for these challenges. As hospitals strive to meet the demands of increasing caseloads, the need for efficient, reliable, and sterile medical devices has never been more critical.

IML manufacturing partner MacroLux is a key player in helping medical institutions such as hospitals and clinics address some of their biggest challenges. By providing innovative solutions that can enhance surgical efficiency while aligning with the growing focus on sustainability, MacroLux and IML are helping to propel the healthcare industry forward.


The MacroLux advantage: efficiency redefined

Back-to-back procedures can be challenging. Based on their in-depth understanding of the difficulties related to high surgery volumes, MacroLux has introduced the CoralView® U-series Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope. As the latest innovation in their lineup, this single-use digital flexible ureteroscope offers a range of efficiency-boosting technologies.

A compelling solution for modern healthcare

Healthcare institutions such as hospitals and clinics face increased backlogs due to multiple factors. Combined with the increased sterility requirements following the COVID-19 pandemic, making procedures swift, accurate, and sterile is as challenging as ever.

The MacroLux CoralView® U-series Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope helps medical institutions address these issues by providing additional benefits.

1. Zero downtime

Second, the single-use nature of the MacroLux ureteroscopes eliminates the need for costly repairs and maintenance. This reduces downtime and can potentially boost surgery volumes, enabling medical institutions to complete more procedures in the same or less time.

2. Decreased cross contamination

Additionally, single-use scopes contribute to decreased cross-contamination risks, enabling patient safety and infection control. Increased sterility is crucial for maintaining high standards of healthcare hygiene.

IML: bringing MacroLux ureteroscopes to the US

As an importer of innovative medical devices, we proudly offer MacroLux products, including the cutting-edge CoralView® U-series Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope. Our premium customer service and strong partnership with MacroLux form the foundation of our goal to support healthcare providers in delivering efficient, safe, and environmentally-conscious urological care.

Contact us today to explore how the MacroLux ureteroscope can be integrated into your product lineup as an IML dealer.

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