Quanta System Cyber Blade Disposable Morcellator

The world’s first integrated and cordless disposable morcellator offers surgeons enhanced ergonomics, lower cross contamination, and fewer delays between surgeries.
Cyber Blade
Cyber Blade

An asset in BPH surgical treatment and other laparoscopic procedures

Laparoscopic power morcellators are used in minimally-invasive surgeries to cut tissues—such as fibroids, tumors, and the uterus—into smaller pieces that can be removed through a small incision site. It is a valuable surgical tool in laparoscopic surgery, including benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

BPH is a common condition that affects about 50 percent of men between ages 51 and 60, increasing to 70 percent for men 60 to 69, and 80 percent of men over 70—with statistics like these, the potential patient pool is vast.

Hospitals, surgical centers, specialty clinics and other medical facilities wanting to provide superior care and services to patients can benefit from the Quanta’s disposable morcellator.

An overview of Quanta System’s disposable morcellator

Quanta System’s innovative product designs have redefined morcellator use in the healthcare sector. Made of a single-use handpiece and blade, this wireless disposable morcellator does not require a cumbersome console.

Lightweight and versatile

A high-tech reusable internal control unit eliminates the need for a motor station, instead using rechargeable batteries. Without the requirement for an additional system, the Quanta System disposable morcellator gives surgeons greater flexibility during many procedures.

User-friendly design

This disposable morcellator was designed to be user friendly, with two working modes. Surgeons can work continuously without holding down on a button, and pressing the emergency-stop to cease blade rotation, or they can choose to work when the activation button is held down.

Safe and expedient blade rotation

An LED gradation scale clearly displays the current setting. There are seven blade rotation speed settings that go up to 6,000 rpm—making it faster than the PIRANHA morcellation system. Surgeons often find that the second and third settings are sufficient for the operating room. Blade rotation ceases when the surgeon releases their finger or presses the “off” setting.

A complete solution in each package

Each package includes everything needed for the morcellator in a single procedure. Once one surgery ends, the surgeon can dispose of the morcellator and move on to the next patient with virtually no downtime.

Long-lasting power

The Cyber Blade Disposable Morcellator battery motor lasts up to 80 minutes in active mode. Depending on the complexity of an operation, the device battery lasts more than a single treatment without charging. The charging station has four slots available to charge devices simultaneously, fully recharging each instrument in 70 minutes.

Benefits of the Quanta morcellator platform for hospitals

The Quanta System Cyber Blade Disposable Morcellator is an instrument that contributes to sterility in the OR, superior control for surgeons, and efficiency gains for hospitals and surgery centers.

Minimize cross-contamination

Minimize cross-contamination

Reusable morcellators come with the risk of cross-contamination if they are not properly sterilized. Proper sterilization takes time and resources away from active surgeries, contributing to surgical center inefficiency.

In addition to greater sterility, power morcellators are associated with a faster recovery time and potentially, improvements to surgical waiting lists.

Freedom to operate

Freedom to operate

Conventional morcellators offer a number of advantages for surgeons including ergonomics. The handpiece is designed to be light and form-fitting—taking strain off the surgeon’s muscles and making surgery more comfortable. Having a cordless device that does not require a motor or vacuum console also removes barriers during procedures. With the Quanta System handheld device, all functions are managed by hand control.

Reusable morcellators can show wear after many uses. The Quanta System Cyber Blade Disposable Morcellator always has a sharp, high-performance blade right out of the package, equipping surgeons with the tools they need to operate accurately.

No maintenance costs

No maintenance costs or staff costs, and more surgeries completed

Quanta System’s sterile, single-use morcellator provides hospitals and surgical centers with efficiency improvements. Surgeries can happen back-to-back as there is no time required for the surgical team to prepare, sterilize, or maintain a reusable morcellator.

In addition to avoiding time delays, disposable morcellators will not be reused, therefore, multiple surgeries can occur in tandem instead of surgeons waiting for a reusable morcellator to become available.

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