How IML Creates Market Access and Sales Opportunities for Our Manufacturing Partners

We help international medical device manufacturers enter the US market by formulating and implementing a turnkey go-to-market strategy through our dealer network.
IML has been importing premium medical devices for over a decade. Our experience and extensive knowledge are assets to our manufacturing partners.

Entering the US market one step at a time

Our approach to bringing innovative technology to the U.S. is always by the book. We have a complete understanding of the compliance requirements for importing medical devices, including applicable laws and regulations.

With a consultative approach, we provide education, support, strategies, and value for our network of manufacturing partners to navigate the challenges around compliance. Our goal is to elevate the manufacturer and distributor relationship by acting as much more than just an importer on behalf of our partners.

Global manufacturers face many challenges

Entering the U.S. market can be challenging for overseas medical device manufacturers. There are many obstacles along the way, including:

  • Logistics
  • Compliance requirements for medical device importation
  • Finding trusted partners who can act as a reseller
  • Selling into hospitals and convincing skeptical decision makers

To help our manufacturing partners overcome these difficulties, IML provides a complete platform for revenue growth combining education, strategic advice, sales support, and customer service backed by long-lasting business relationships.

Premium manufacturer support for entering the US market

IML knows medical devices, and we understand the obstacles our manufacturing partners face. Here are a few of the ways we help medical device manufacturers achieve their goals in the U.S. market.

An established sales team in the US

Finding the right distributor and/or dealers to partner with can be a time-consuming proposition. We help overseas manufacturers gain a foothold in the U.S. by simplifying their sales strategy.

Our strong relationships with our dealer network enables us to secure a turnkey sales channel for device manufacturers who want to sell into hospitals and surgical centers. Our dealer network has in-depth knowledge about the device and the needs of their hospital clients, thus increasing the probability that a given manufacturer’s product will sell if it aligns with demand. This saves our international manufacturer partners from having to build out their own sales teams in the U.S.

Premium customer service

Our strong reputation for providing education, customer service, and support to our dealer network is a testament to our commitment to providing meaningful value. IML team members are here to help you whenever you have questions or require assistance.

The IML value proposition for manufacturers

IML has extensive expertise in medical devices. As a leader in the medical device industry, our reputation for customer service and support has helped us forge relationships with an elite group of manufacturers around the world.

We help our manufacturer partners grow their businesses. Here are a few ways we accomplish this:

World-class dealer network in America

IML sources innovative products from leading manufacturers worldwide who want to expand their business into the U.S. One of the things that sets IML apart from the competition is our long-lasting relationship with our dealer network.

Building relationships with hospital decision makers requires hard work over a long period of time. Consistency is key, as is delivering on promises. Our dealers are known for providing some of the best product education and support in the business, and manufacturers who choose to work with IML gain a tremendous advantage in working with our dealers.

Long term business relationships with manufacturers and dealers

IML creates business partnerships for the long-term. We have a track record of building strong relationships that add value for medical device companies overseas who are aiming to sell into U.S. hospitals and surgical centers.

Exemplary customer service and support are the foundation of everything we do for our manufacturing partners.

Premium level support

Many of our dealers have been part of the IML family for years. Our partnerships with them reflect our commitment to customer service as well as our ability to provide value that helps them grow their business.

One of our core differentiators is the level of support IML provides to our manufacturer and dealer network. Selling into hospitals requires dealers to be equipped with extensive product knowledge—but information on its own is not enough. Providing relevant and expedient responses to any technical, training, and troubleshooting challenges that may come up is also part of our customer support strategy.

Dealers as an authority

IML’s emphasis on customer support is one of our competitive advantages. Our manufacturer partners will have little to no direct contact with hospital decision makers and users. This means our dealers become the primary point of contact for all sales related information, as well as technical support.

IML provides value in the form of premium customer support by helping dealers enhance their relationship with the end customer—hospital decision makers. No matter how dealers reach out for help—telephone, email, or otherwise—we offer support that is timely and solution-oriented. This applies to our manufacturing partners as well; if you need us, we are here to help.

What manufacturers are saying

By sourcing medical devices from around the globe, we connect American healthcare institutions with tools that can help improve hospital efficiency, enhance surgeon capabilities, and contribute to better patient outcomes.

We work with leading international manufacturers to bring their innovative products to the U.S., and aim to streamline the process as much as possible.

The success of 2022 and the exciting forecasts for 2023 resulted from constant work and targeted investments by John Mooney, CEO of IML, who diligently implemented the best strategy for conquering the market share step by step. IML sets an example to be imitated by all global distributors as regards operational management and successful strategy.
– David Valenti, Deka

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For medical device manufacturers, expanding in the US market requires partnerships with the right people. Whether it’s gaining access to a network of dealers, or ensuring that your product aligns with local compliance regulations, IML helps you navigate the challenges along the way.

We provide relevant strategic advice, operational know-how, and world-class support. Partnering with IML can help manufacturers like you to unlock growth opportunities in the U.S.

Contact us to learn more about our manufacturer partnerships, and how we can help you bring your medical systems to a new market.