Quanta System Cyber TM: Thulium Laser

Quanta System’s high-power thulium laser is a versatile device for surgeons treating BPH, other urological conditions, and procedures across several medical specialties.

The need for advanced urology systems in the US

Demand for urology treatments continues to increase in the United States. With approximately 70 million Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) across the nation, an aging population is driving an increase in demand for medical treatments. In response, hospitals and surgical centers must be prepared with the latest technology to provide timely, effective care for patients.

Patient wait lists

Each specialty has its own constraints that affect the number of surgeries doctors can perform in a day. These limits can influence the size of wait lists for elective procedures, increasing delays. These delays may be attributed to staffing shortages, inefficient workflows, and outdated technology.


To complete more procedures in less time, hospitals and surgical centers must rely on technology to expedite surgeries without compromising patient care. When surgeons are limited to using outdated technology and/or methods, procedures may take longer, be less precise, and cause unnecessary strain for the operating surgeon.

In addition, surgeons only have so much capacity, and providing them with state-of-the-art technology can make it possible for them to perform multiple surgeries in a day without having to work harder or faster. With an expected increase in BPH surgeries on the horizon, hospitals and surgical centers need to make procedures more efficient, today. This is a problem that can only be solved through technology and operational improvements.

Prevalence of specific conditions increases with age

In urology, conditions such as BPH become more common as the population ages. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or prostatic adenoma, is one of the most common diseases in men. Just over half of men between ages 60 and 69, and between 75 and 90 percent in men over 80 are affected by BPH.

The impact of patient demographics

Hospitals and surgical centers may have been able to get by with their current medical devices until now, but demographic changes are creating a bottleneck for procedures such as urology surgeries.

Baby boomers are currently the second-largest generation, and the healthcare needs of this aging group are sure to rise significantly in the near future. Their increased need for healthcare makes it vital for institutions to acquire advanced systems to help boost efficiency, manage waiting lists, and address the challenges that contribute to longer wait times for elective surgeries.


A key part of maintaining safety in the operating room is sterilization. Reducing patient complications arising from infection is critical to avoid surgical complications. Innovative medical devices—such as the Quanta System Thulium Laser—enable surgeons to work swiftly, accurately, and safely, so they can operate with confidence.


Cyber TM: versatile technology to address BPH and other medical conditions

Quanta System is a leading global provider of medical devices. They have created several products for the treatment of urological conditions, each featuring high-end materials and advanced technology backed by a strong research and development process. With a clear need for more efficient surgical tools, the Cyber TM laser aims to help surgical centers treat more patients.

Though often used in urology, the Quanta System Cyber TM is a thulium laser that can be used in multiple specialties, including ear, nose, and throat (ENT) procedures, thoracic and pulmonary, gastroenterology, gynecology, dermatology, general surgery, and arthroscopy.

Multiple uses in one hospital

Designed for a multitude of use cases in the OR, the Cyber TM is indicated for use in open, laparoscopic, and endoscopic procedures. Surgical techniques including incision, excision, resection, ablation, vaporization, coagulation, and hemostasis of soft tissue are all possible with this powerful tool. The platform is versatile and adapts to virtually any OR, proving its worth as a flexible tool for many types of medical procedures.

With unique laser properties, minimal soft tissue damage, and innovative design, the Cyber TM laser is built for use across numerous specialties.

About Quanta System

Quanta System is an Italian company that has manufactured innovative laser systems for surgical use in the global market since 1985. This medical device manufacturer stands out from their competition as they complete the entire research and product development process for their laser systems in-house. A leader in the worldwide medical device industry, Quanta System has a line of premium products that IML has made available to the U.S. market.

A thulium laser used worldwide

The first Cyber TM model was introduced in 2009, and since then, iterations of this device have been utilized across the globe. This proven thulium laser is used in more than 25 countries, and in hundreds of hospitals internationally as a reliable and effective solution for a large range of surgical treatments.

What is a thulium laser?

The Cyber TM is a thulium laser, which can be used for vaporization, resection, enucleation, and more. Thulium ions have a near-homogeneous distribution, and these types of lasers emit a visible continuous laser wave. The Cyber TM offers the continuous emission that’s common amongst thulium lasers, but also has pulsed mode, making it even more versatile.

High-power thulium lasers have been proven both safe and effective for patients with large prostate glands (larger than 80 mL), making them a smart investment for surgical centers and hospitals that perform a lot of BPH surgeries.

An overview of the Cyber TM laser

The Cyber TM family from Quanta System offers state-of-the-art, high-powered solutions for BPH, urology treatments, and other soft tissue surgeries across several medical specialties. This 150–200 W thulium laser strikes an ideal balance of efficiency, versatility, and innovation that contribute to improvements in surgical workflows and patient outcomes. There are several factors that set the Cyber TM laser apart from its competitors:

Superior versatility in BPH procedures

Urologists and other surgeons can use a single device to perform several procedures without constraints in technique selection. From the thulium ejaculation sparing (TES) technique to vaporization, Cyber TM offers exceptional cutting and ablation quality, combined with high power to give surgeons greater choice and control during prostate procedures.

Cyber TM uses a unique combination of enucleation, vaporization, and vaporesection of prostatic adenoma—making it a single device that does ThuLEP, ThuVEP, and ThuVAP procedures. 

Use in additional surgical specialties

The Cyber TM laser has proven effective in many specialties including urology. In particular, Cyber TM can be used in the thoracic field, for precise cutting in lung resection and endobronchial ablation, and in gastroenterology, effectively using its ablation and coagulation capabilities as an alternative to APC surgery.

Some of the additional laser applications of Cyber TM are detailed in published studies.

Enhanced precision, less injury

Cyber TM devices have a 2 μm radiation wavelength. There are three key benefits to this specification.

It is strongly absorbed by water—which is highly present in all body tissues. The fast absorption makes the device’s cutting and vaporization speed relatively constant during a procedure regardless of tissue vascularization.

As this wavelength is absorbed efficiently, it results in an extremely reduced depth of penetration (0.1–0.2 mm). A byproduct of minimal penetration is that the surgeon has a high degree of control, which substantially reduces the risk of inadvertent injury or unexpected thermal tissue damage.

Shallow penetration allows for enhanced hemostatic capabilities. Even as surgeons cut into affected tissue, there is quick coagulation and limited blood loss during treatment. This contributes to faster patient recovery and minimizes irritating symptoms.

Portable, ergonomic, and compact

With a total system weight approximately 440 pounds, you may not consider the Quanta System thulium laser a portable device. However, this thulium laser comes on wheels, enabling for easy transportation between surgical wards. The device stays stationary using locking wheel dampers to inhibit any movement during surgery.

With a compact footprint of 21 inches by 30 inches and a height of 43 inches, the device is built for surgeon convenience. No matter if the surgeon sits or stands during surgery, they can conveniently see the 12-inch screen and access the footswitch without having to change positions. This aids ergonomics as surgeons can choose their preferred operating position.

Range of fibers

Cyber TM accepts a wide variety of fiber types and diameters (from 200–1000 μm). In surgeries requiring bare fibers, surgical teams can sterilize and reuse fibers for subsequent procedures.

The Cyber TM thulium laser uses both side and frontal fibers.

User-friendly interface

The Cyber TM laser system is built with surgeons in mind. As such, the platform interface includes several controls that enable surgeon choice:

The most power on the market

The Cyber TM 200 has the highest wattage on the market at 200 W. Pairing this emission power with the 1000 µm fiber enables the fastest vaporization or vapoenucleation of prostatic adenoma.

Although this thulium laser system offers the fastest ablation, it can also be used at different outputs. For example, at 100 W, the device offers extremely precise enulceation, and at 150 W, surgeons can swiftly perform conventional ablation.

Emission modes can be continuous or pulsed. Using consistent power delivery in continuous wave mode creates an even and clean vaporization effect. The result is a clear surgical field with minimal bubbles, blood, or debris.

Two Cyber TM devices to choose from

IML is the exclusive distributor for Quanta surgical lasers in the U.S. Each of the Cyber TM models we carry share the same structure, components, and software. The key difference between the units is their maximum power output.

Cyber TM 150

This device has a maximum output power of 150 W.

Cyber TM 200

This device has a maximum output power of 200 W. For the treatment of BPH, this urology laser must be used at power levels greater than 150 W.
For dealers who sell both models of this laser, there is less to memorize since the advantages of the technology and device usage are the same. Each laser uses a single thulium: YAG laser source with CW emission at 2.010 µm with a minimum power output of 5 W.

Advantages of this thulium laser for hospitals, surgeons, and patients in the US

Quanta System is a leading manufacturer of medical technologies used worldwide including the Cyber TM thulium laser system. IML immediately recognized the importance of this platform, and how they could help American medical institutions achieve their patient care objectives.

Here are a few key benefits of this laser system.

An interspeciality device for hospitals and surgical centers

As stated, Cyber TM can be used for surgeries across several medical specialties, thereby addressing multiple needs with one device. With numerous use cases for this thulium laser, the cost of the device can be spread out across several departmental budgets.

An efficient and effective tool in the OR

Conventional laser surgeries for BPH, urology procedures, and other specialty treatments come with inefficiencies in the form of time spent sterilizing, setting up, and using the devices. These inefficiencies compound with every surgery, leading to potentially hours of time lost every week. Instead of dealing with lost time, by using the Cyber TM, hospitals are able to book more surgeries to take patients off the waitlist.

Talent retention through leading technology

Having the latest technology in-house—such as Cyber TM—could conceivably have an impact on talent retention and attracting new surgeons to a particular facility. Surgeons tend to gravitate to institutions with the most modern technologies, as such devices are effective and often come with superior ergonomics.

Newer, more advanced devices are built to accommodate users as well as patients. Platforms that help surgeons work more efficiently, more comfortably, and still provide desired outcomes for patients may enable hospitals and surgical centers to increase the number of patients they treat each day. Combine this ability with the precision, enhanced control, and high-power emission of Cyber TM and surgeons will be impressed at the capabilities of this machine.

The Cyber TM system is designed from the ground up to suit the needs of surgeons. The intuitive interface and operation of this Quanta System thulium laser requires little training, and the learning curve is minimal.

ThuLEP enables more patients to access BPH treatment

Clinical studies show that ThuLEP has proven to be effective for large and small prostates. Being able to accommodate various prostate dimensions enables this thulium laser to expand patient eligibility for BPH treatment.

Shorter hospital stays and faster recoveries

Not only does the thulium laser contribute to more efficient surgeries, they also minimize the time a patient needs to stay in hospital. Patients who undergo BPH surgery can return to the comfort of their home sooner when their surgeon uses the Cyber TM.

The use of thulium lasers in BPH reduces catheterization and hospitalization time. Often, catheters can be removed within 12 hours and patients can be discharged within 24 hours following surgery.

This faster turnover benefits both patients and surgical centers. A shorter hospital stay following BPH surgery frees up beds for other patients. Despite a faster patient turnaround, this urology laser demonstrates a low incidence of postoperative complications, which has been verified in multiple publications.

Clinical evidence to support efficacy and safety claims

Since its introduction to the market in 2009, use of the Cyber TM device has been reported in multiple publications by various institutions. These publications and research studies provide strong clinical evidence that supports the safety and effectiveness of the Cyber TM laser within a variety of specialties. There are more than 50 publications detailing the outcomes following use of this thulium laser in BPH, soft tissue urologic surgery, thoracic surgery, gastroenterology, and more.

Frequently asked questions about the Cyber TM thulium laser

Medical thulium lasers such as the Cyber TM may seem complicated at first. At IML we’re experts in the products we sell, and our aim is to make our dealers experts as well. To help you get better acquainted with the Cyber TM line, here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand these devices better.

How is a thulium laser different from a thulium fiber laser?

A thulium laser is a type of solid-state laser that is pumped by a flashlamp or another laser and uses thulium as the active laser medium. It can be tuned to produce laser output at wavelengths between 1900 and 2100 nm.

A thulium fiber laser is a type of fiber laser that uses a thulium-doped fiber as the active laser medium. It can produce laser output at wavelengths between 1880 and 2010 nm. Both types of lasers are used in a variety of applications, including medical procedures.

In what types of surgeries can this laser be used besides urology procedures?
Cyber TM is a versatile device that can be used in a large number of specialties. Though often associated exclusively with urology, the thulium laser is seeing use more frequently in other areas of medicine, including thoracic and gastrointestinal (GI) surgeries. Here are some examples of how Cyber TM can be used in these fields:

  • In thoracic surgery, the thulium laser enables precise resection and ablation in pulmonary and endobronchial surgery.
  • In GI surgery, the ablation and coagulation abilities of the laser are built for soft tissue surgery and hemostasis.
What is the difference between the Cyber TM 150 and the Cyber TM 200?
Both of these models have the same structure, components, and software. These urology lasers use a single thulium: YAG laser source, have a CW emission of 2.010 µm, and minimum power of 5 W. The difference between Cyber TM 150 and Cyber TM 200 is the maximum power output. Maximum output for each device is 150 W and 200 W, respectively

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Let’s talk more about the Cyber TM laser

Unlike other devices designed for a particular use, the Cyber TM expands your potential customer base beyond urology. This Quanta System thulium laser was built with advanced technology that makes procedures more efficient without a difficult learning curve for surgeons.

Do you want to learn more about the Quanta System Cyber TM laser including technical specifications? If you are a U.S. medical device dealer who is interested in selling this product, contact us today, and a specialist will be glad to answer any questions you may have about becoming an IML dealer.

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