Quanta System Medical Devices

Quanta medical products provide leading technology solutions to surgeons for open, laparoscopic, and endoscopic procedures.
Quanta Systems

About Quanta System

Italy-based Quanta System offers innovative medical laser systems for various specialties including—but not limited to—urology, gastroenterology, thoracic and pulmonary, ear, nose, and throat (ENT) procedures, and general surgery.

Quanta System was founded in 1985, and was incubated from one of the world’s largest research centers in lasers and optics. Quanta is ranked among the leading manufacturers of high-quality medical lasers worldwide.

Surgeon-driven product R&D

IML partners with Quanta System as they are on the leading-edge of surgical advancements and their entire research, development, and manufacturing process occurs in-house in their modern and sterile production facility.

Quanta litho systems are built based on the real needs of surgeons and patients. The company aims to build medical systems that may help surgeons operate more efficiently and safely. With Quanta System devices, patients can enjoy the benefits that come from minimally invasive surgery.

IML carries a range of Quanta lasers and surgical products

With almost four decades of R&D under their belt, Quanta System is a force in the surgical device industry. IML leaders are impressed with the high quality, technologically-advanced devices produced by this Italian manufacturer.

IML stocks the following Quanta medical devices for our U.S. dealers:

How IML helps you to sell Quanta System products

IML brings world-class medical devices to the U.S, and we work alongside our dealers to ensure they have an in-depth understanding of each product in a given range.

As a dealer, you can expect our team of experts to be available when you need us. We offer bespoke sales toolkits for each product, as well as the education and resources you need to answer questions and overcome the objections of decision makers.

Our dealers appreciate our responsiveness and solutions-oriented approach at every touch point in the buyer’s journey. IML’s support and premium level of service makes it feel like we are an extension of your existing team—we want you to rely on our expertise when you need it and know that we are there for you.

IML communication channels allow you to contact us 24/7/365, so you can always get the advice you need in a timely manner.

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