Pusen Medical Products

A leading device manufacturer and creator of the world’s first single-use flexible ureteroscopes, Pusen Medical has been developing innovative devices since 2014.
Pusen Medical Products

About Pusen Medical

Pusen Medical has an international reputation for developing high-performance single-use ureteroscopes. The company develops premium products for the intensive care unit (ICU), respiratory anesthesia, ear, nose and throat (ENT) procedures, and other medical fields.

The company was founded in China by Dr. Huang, a well-respected surgeon with over two decades in the industry. To date, over 100 countries and regions worldwide use the Pusen Uscope.

Why IML represents Pusen Medical products

Pusen is a pioneer in the field of urology. The company has extensive experience building high-quality systems in multiple medical fields, and IML values the precision and quality of their systems. During testing, Pusen Uscopes outperformed competitor devices in both the reusable and single use categories.

Clinical research studies demonstrate that the Pusen Uscope stacks up favorably against competing platforms, making it a high-demand technology in the medical device industry.

Pusen Medical products: available exclusively through IML

As the sole US distributor of Pusen products, IML currently stocks two of Pusen’s leading products.

The IML team: experts in Pusen technology

IML sources premium products for those who use them most—doctors and surgeons. As a company, Pusen has only been around since 2014, but the founding surgeon brings decades of professional experience to the table, and this directly informs product design decisions.

The IML team of sales experts can help our dealers understand the key features and Pusen’s systems, and provide the education and tools you need to overcome stakeholder objections throughout the buyer’s journey.

IML has a reputation for providing comprehensive support and premium customer service to dealers. We succeed when they do, and we are always there for our dealers. Our high-touch communication channels allow you to contact us 24/7/365—you will always be able to contact us with your questions or concerns.

Interested in representing Pusen Medical devices?

Pusen products are one of our best sellers. Connect with us today to learn more about what makes these devices so popular with dealers and hospitals alike.