Pusen EView: Medical Video Endoscope

Medical specialists, often urologists, use the Pusen EView for its crisp kidney and ureter visualization to diagnose, locate, and treat stones and related medical issues.

Ureteroscopy procedures are on the rise

Approximately 600,000 Americans suffer from urinary stones each year and this number is on the rise. Research reveals that an estimated 11 percent of men and six percent of women in the U.S. have kidney stones at least once in their lifetime.

With the number of potential ureteroscopy procedures increasing, surgical centers and hospitals require high-end tools to streamline procedures. Enhanced imagery during diagnosis and treatment can offer surgeons a more detailed view of the ureter and kidneys, to aid with accuracy during calculus break up or removal.

The Pusen EView: a versatile endoscope system

The Pusen EView Endoscope system consists of an image monitor and image processor. The EView system was designed to work in conjunction with world-renowned Pusen Uscopes.

Pusen EView PV300 HD Medical Video Endoscope Image Processor

Using a high-definition 10.1-inch TFT LCD touch screen, the image monitor provides excellent clarity, outstanding color contrast, and adjustable brightness settings. As a TFT display, it comes with precise aspect ratio control for improved image clarity and quality. Surgeons who use the EView monitor do not require the image processor, as the Uscope connects directly to the EView monitor.

Using the Uscope combined with the EView monitor’s intuitive navigation, surgeons can leverage the video recorder and camera to document areas of concern and develop additional visuals to guide treatment approaches.

Pusen EView PV220 Ureteroscope Image Processor

The image processor works in tandem with an existing OR monitor to provide surgeons with real-time visuals from the Uscope. Analyzing the monitor image can help with quantitative measurements of the procedure site, as well as locating and staying “on stone”. Pusen also simplifies the device and data maintenance by including a USB thumb drive for easy software updates.

Key benefits of the EView system

The Pusen EView has many other advantages over competing systems.

Crystal clear visualization may enable additional treatment methods

When surgeons have a more detailed view of the kidneys and ureter, enhanced visibility may enable them to discover and resolve smaller stones in addition to problematic large ones.

The high-definition Pusen EView System has a storage capacity of 8 GB, with connections for DVI, VGA, SDI, VIDEO, USB, RCA, and HDMI between the video console and monitor—making it a versatile solution for efficiently transferring images and videos to electronic medical records (EMRs).

Comprehensive treatment for patients

Addressing both micro and macro health issues simultaneously due to the enhanced benefits of technologies such as the EView could offer better outcomes for patients. With the additional capabilities delivered by technology, surgeons can improve their procedures over time.

A versatile and transportable system for hospitals and surgical centers

Weighing approximately 9.5 pounds for the entire system, it’s easy to transport the Pusen EView to different areas of a surgical center. This can increase usage across departments.

Premium customer service and support for Pusen EView dealers

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