MacroLux Medical Products

A leading medical device manufacturer and researcher of endoscope products, MacroLux Medical designs groundbreaking devices for doctors and surgeons.

About MacroLux Medical

MacroLux is dedicated to endoscopic diagnosis and treatment and focused on providing innovative and reliable medical solutions to healthcare professionals worldwide. The company develops premium medical devices, such as single-use digital ureteroscopes, for advanced endoscopic interventions spanning departments, including urology, respiration, and digestion.

MacroLux’s founding team consists of highly experienced medical device experts. With over a decade of experience in product development, global marketing, and production management for endoscopes and minimally invasive surgical devices, MacroLux is helping usher in a new era of safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Why IML represents MacroLux Medical products

MacroLux has extensive experience building high-quality products for multiple medical fields, and IML values the precision and quality of their devices. During testing, MacroLux devices outperformed competitors in the single use and disposable categories.

Research studies demonstrate that the technology MacroLux is developing for hospitals and doctors stacks up favorably against competing platforms, resulting in a growing, high-demand product line for the medical device industry.

MacroLux Medical products: available exclusively through IML

IML currently stocks two of MacroLux’s leading products.

The IML team: experts in MacroLux technology

IML sources premium medical devices for those who use them most — doctors and surgeons. As a company, MacroLux Medical has a robust team of R&D experts in the endoscope industry with over 15 years of experience.

The IML team of sales experts can help our dealers understand the key features of MacroLux’s products, and provide the education and tools they need to overcome objections from various stakeholders during the buyer’s journey.

IML has a reputation for providing comprehensive support and exceptional customer service to dealers. We succeed when they do, and we are always there for our dealers. Our high-touch communication channels allow you to contact us 24/7, 365 days of the year — so feel free to reach out with your questions or concerns.

Interested in representing MacroLux devices?

MacroLux products are in high demand and one of our top sellers. Connect with us today to learn how IML can help you expand your product lineup with MacroLux so you can grow your business.