IMLight CO₂ Surgical Laser

A surgical laser system that is safe, precise, and efficient for usage across multiple specialties.

CO₂ lasers: an established solution across disciplines

To doctors and surgeons from the past, today’s laser technologies would seem like science fiction. And yet, the benefits of CO₂ lasers are here today, enabling surgical teams in multiple specialties to operate more effectively.

Surgical lasers feature a variety of pulse durations and frequencies, enabling surgical teams to fine-tune the laser’s output in real-time. With a compact footprint and innovative design, laser platforms such as the IMLight CO₂ redefine how surgery is done.

CO₂ laser surgery systems such as the IMLight platform are ideal for minimally invasive procedures requiring precise ablation and bloodless cuts in tissue. Whether surgeons use lasers in gynecologic surgeries or cancer procedures, the demands on the technology are the same—to increase efficiency without compromising patient care objectives.

In many operating rooms across America, carbon dioxide lasers have been used consistently for over 20 years, and this track record is a testament to the reliability and safety of the technology.

The IMLight CO₂ Surgical Laser advantage

Perhaps the most significant advantage of the IMLight Laser platform is its versatility. With a 10,600 nm wavelength that is mostly absorbed by water, the IMLight system is ideal for soft tissue surgery.

Surgeons can use the generous 2 M hollow waveguide to deliver pulses using handpieces of various types and shapes, thus increasing the use cases for this innovative device. Best of all, the hardware and software behind the IMLight Laser are all mature, usable, and reliable.

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Key features and benefits

The IMLight CO₂ Surgical Laser boasts a design that fits in seamlessly to virtually any operating room.

A reliable surgical laser

Several countries use the IMLight Laser system, and this is a reflection of the reliability of the DEKA brand. Trusted by countless medical institutions and surgical teams around the world, the IMLight is the go-to CO₂ laser in its category.

A friendly and intuitive interface

The interface for the IMLight Laser will feel familiar to surgeons and their teams, as it's similar to many other high-end lasers. No more dealing with opaque menus with excessive levels that don't make sense—the IMLight menus are easy to use and intuitive to navigate.

It fits a standard outlet

The IMLight Laser platform is compatible with standard electrical outlets. This adaptability eliminates the requirement for costly electrical upgrades before using the laser; hospital administrators can preserve capital for other meaningful investments. There are also no country-based power plug conflicts to worry about, so the system is "plug and play".

A variety of operating modes (power and frequency)

Variation in output power is required for certain types of procedures. With this in mind, the IMLight Laser system provides multiple operating modes from 0.1 W to 40 W, with frequencies ranging from 5 Hz to 200 Hz. Surgeons can adjust both on the fly depending on requirements for specific stages of a procedure.

Excellent value for the money

As hospital decision-makers know, finding opportunities to improve medical procedures without breaking the bank is important. Equally essential is having the ability to deliver a strong return on investment. With its value-oriented price point, the IMLight Laser provides tremendous value in a compact and powerful package.

Indications for use

As a medical device, the IMLight CO₂ Surgical Laser can be utilized in America for:

The device can be used in medical specialties, including:

What is the total system weight?

Although the IMLight Laser platform is 60 kg (132 lbs), the unit comes with a wheeled base so that the laser can be easily moved between departments, maximizing usage and return on investment.

How much does the IMLight CO₂ Surgical Laser cost?

The price for the IMLight CO₂ laser depends on several factors, including the number and type of accessories purchased. For details on pricing and what’s included, contact your IML representative today for up-to-date wholesale pricing.

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The DEKA IMLight Laser is a powerful platform that helps medical institutions increase efficiency, safety, and reliability. The use of laser technology in medicine is now proven and widespread, and consumers expect the latest technology. For these reasons and more, the IMLight Laser makes a practical and powerful addition to any OR in the U.S.

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