MacroLux ViewHub® S13: Medical Video Processor

Ideal for urologists, the MacroLux ViewHub® presents crisp visualization to diagnose, locate, and treat stones or other medical related issues.

Ureteroscopy procedures are on the rise

Each year, around 600,000 Americans deal with ureteral obstructions and the number continues to climb. Studies show that approximately 11 percent of men and six percent of women in the United States will experience kidney stones at least once in their lives.

As the demand for advanced endoscopic interventions and urological procedures rises, surgical facilities and hospitals need advanced medical devices to optimize patient care. Improved diagnostic imaging capabilities during diagnosis and treatment can provide surgeons with a clearer view of the kidneys, resulting in precise calculus fragmentation or removal.

MacroLux ViewHub

MacroLux ViewHub®: a versatile endoscope processor

All components of the MacroLux ViewHub® are made in-house, resulting in reduced costs and an extremely thin, lightweight image processor. MacroLux’s high-performing single-use digital flexible ureteroscope is also designed to work seamlessly with the CoralView® U series.

Using the CoralView® disposable ureteroscope in conjunction with the ViewHub® processor allows surgeons to identify areas of concern and devise treatment approaches for each unique case.

Key benefits of the ViewHub® Video Processor

The MacroLux ViewHub® has many other advantages over competing devices:

Full HD optical bonding and touch screen

This video processor has high touch sensitivity so surgeons are able to use it even while wearing four layers of gloves. When surgeons have a more detailed view of the affected area, enhanced visibility may enable them to locate and resolve renal stones or ureteral obstructions. The anti-glare screen and fingerprint-free glass has no reflection and results in reduced visual fatigue.

The high-definition MacroLux ViewHub® S13 video processor has a storage capacity of 128 GB, with plug and play HDMI output. This high capacity makes the device a versatile solution for image snapshots, video and voice recording, brightness control, or image freezing and zooming. Since all of the processor’s components are made in-house, software updates are more readily available and an AI algorithm can adjust features like the lighting for increased picture quality.

Comprehensive treatment for patients

By harnessing advanced technologies like the ViewHub®, medical providers can address multiple health concerns simultaneously, increasing the potential for improved patient outcomes. The additional capabilities and visual acuity offered by ViewHub® enable surgical teams to continually improve their procedures.

Compact size for easy transport in hospitals and surgical centers

Weighing approximately 2 kg, the video processor is convenient to transport. With a thin and lightweight design, the device can be used across multiple departments, increasing the return-on-investment.

Premium customer service and support for MacroLux ViewHub® dealers

At IML, we provide our dealers with the tools and resources they need to turn outreach efforts into closed deals. Our dealers can expect impressive response times, a solutions-oriented approach to questions and issues, and the reassurance that IML is always here when you need us.

The product knowledge suite provided by IML helps our dealers answer questions and overcome objections. Through the information and training we provide, you will become an expert in MacroLux technologies who can articulate the value and use case for each device in our product range.

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