ELMED Medical & Surgical Products

A global market leader in the field of urology, ELMED has been providing high-end medical systems for over 30 years.

About ELMED Medical

Established in Turkey in 1991, ELMED began as the first high-tech extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) system manufacturer in the country. Today, ELMED is a leading force in the field of urology, offering advanced medical products for breaking up kidney stones.

ELMED has over three decades of experience developing minimally-invasive technology for medical and surgical use. These products deliver high performance for doctors and surgeons who expect the best devices on the market.

With systems in use in more than 60 countries across six continents, ELMED’s cutting-edge technology meets high standards for safety and performance. There are installations of ELMED devices at several international clinics and hospitals, and this is a testament to their product quality and reliability.

Why we represent ELMED Medical products

ELMED is a proven leader in the field of urology. The company offers lithotripsy systems with innovative technology to make urology surgeries more efficient for surgeons and hospitals.

A key reason why IML partners with ELMED is they are constantly striving to advance the urology field. For example, ELMED invented and developed a flexible ureteroscopy robot, AVICENNA Roboflex, used in the world’s first robotic surgery application.

Their systems are designed by understanding the needs of the customer—in many cases, the operating surgeon. ELMED systems are built to meet and surpass the expectations of users, and this company’s premium products aim to enhance surgical performance.

There are high safety expectations for devices used in urology procedures. With a team of medical advisors overseeing the company’s research, design, and development efforts, ELMED products must pass rigorous quality control standards before they are deployed.

The IML product lineup includes ELMED’s Vibrolith Plus

Vibrolith Plus by ELMED is a state-of-the-art ultrasonic/pneumatic combination lithotripter. With advanced features, such as a multi-microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic handpiece for maximum power without overheating, Vibrolith Plus fractures even the hardest stone.

How IML helps you sell ELMED products

IML sources world-class medical devices, such as the ELMED Vibrolith Plus. We are experts in the advanced features of ELMED Medical products, and we can help you discover the unique selling points for their devices, so you can better position the system with potential buyers. Our team becomes an extension of your in-house talent, providing you with the education and tools you need to overcome the objections of key decision makers.

Dealers choose to work with IML because they appreciate our high-quality, innovative product range. Our reputation for providing premium customer service is the result of consistently keeping our word and surpassing the expectations of our dealer network.

Our support and communication channels allow you to contact us 24/7/365, so we can give you the information you need to sell ELMED Surgical products in the right ways to hospital stakeholders.

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Surgeons want top-of-the-line, innovative surgical tools. These types of medical systems come from leaders in the industry—like ELMED.

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