ELMED Vibrolith Plus: Intracorporeal Lithotripter

The ELMED Vibrolith Plus is an intracorporeal ultrasonic lithotripter that uses advanced technology to fracture and suction even the hardest stones in the kidney, ureter, or bladder.

Large or hard kidney stones can create complications

In the late 1970s, the prevalence of kidney stones in the U.S. was around 3.8 percent, which rose to 8.8 percent in the late 2000s, and currently sits around 9–11 percent. Studies reveal that not only are kidney stones becoming more prevalent in the country, but approximately 10 percent of people will have them. Every year in the U.S. more than half a million people go to emergency rooms as a result of kidney stone problems.

Urologists and other medical specialists require advanced tools in the OR to not only alleviate patient pain and discomfort, but to offset serious problems that can result from untreated stones. Some untreated kidney stones can block the ureters, causing urine to build up, which may lead to urinary tract infections, kidney damage, and even kidney failure for some patients. These more serious kidney issues may lead to patients taking up more hospital beds, delay treatment for patients on the waiting list, take up additional urologist time, and more.

While many small kidney stones can pass on their own, large or hard stones come with additional concerns and require medical intervention to ensure they are fragmented and removed safely.

A high-performance ultrasonic lithotripter with three modes to handle virtually any kidney stone

Vibrolith Plus is a state-of-the-art intracorporeal ultrasonic and pneumatic combination lithotripter. This version of the high-end lithotripter builds on ELMED’s successful pneumatic Vibrolith device. As such, Vibrolith Plus offers three possible modes of operation:

Pneumatic lithotripsy alone.

These mode options enable urologists greater versatility when treating stones. The pneumatic mode uses a medical compressed air supply to provide the pressure pulse that drives the projectile within the pneumatic handpiece toward the proximal end of the probe. The probe transmits the impact energy to the stone, resulting in fragmentation. In this mode, only calculi are disintegrated; there is no effect on the surrounding soft tissues.

Ultrasonic lithotripsy alone.

Generally reserved for softer stones, this mode transmits vibrations to the stone with a steel probe that’s been inserted via endoscope. Next, the handpiece of the Vibrolith Plus produces longitudinal waves that target the stone.

Combined pneumatic and ultrasonic lithotripsy.

Certain hard kidney and bladder stones require the combined energy of these two modes. In this combination setting, the pneumatic probe is flush with the tip of the ultrasonic probe.

Features that put Vibrolith Plus light years ahead of other lithotripters

Vibrolith Plus is an innovative medical device that aligns with specific user requirements for fragmenting and removing urinary tract calculi. Here is a quick overview of urology-oriented features in the Vibrolith Plus:

New generation ultrasonic handpiece

Controlled by a multi-microprocessor, the ultrasonic handpiece offers surgeons maximum power and performance to fracture even the hardest stone. The cutting-edge design provides real time feedback that prevents the handpiece and probe from overheating—a common issue with other lithotripters.

Integrated suction pump

Vibrolith Plus is the first lithotripter in the industry to feature a built-in suction pump. The addition of the integrated peristaltic suction pump provides clear visualization for surgeons during endoscopic procedures and offers superior suction of stone particles. Stone fragments are collected in a specially-designed sterile stone collector that can be used to transport stone fragments for analysis.

The lithotripter pump is surgeon-controlled by a three-mode foot pedal. Use of this pump and pedal system eliminates the need to repeatedly clamp and unclamp suction lines to control flow during percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) procedures.

Unique multi-mode coupling device

As mentioned above, Vibrolith Plus is capable of three distinct operating modes. To make the most of the versatile mode settings, this intracorporeal lithotripter uses a unique coupling device that combines both ultrasonic and pneumatic hand pieces.

Addition of the specially-designed coupler eliminates the need to adjust the length of the pneumatic probe prior to use in the combination mode—making it more convenient for surgeons and giving it another feature that sets the system apart from competing lithotripters.

Wide range of probes

Vibrolith plus uses a large variety of both pneumatic and ultrasound probes that work in conjunction with rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible endoscopes. Probes in various lengths and in various diameters permit adaptation to a particular stone size and the available lumen of the working channel.

Easy-to-use soft keys and display

Vibrolith Plus is a user-friendly device made to fit into the workflows of busy urologists and other specialists. As such, the design incorporates a high-tech graphical LCD interface that’s intuitive—even for surgeons who are new to the field.

Vibrolith Plus uses soft keys instead of bulky switches and knobs, as the latter can be difficult to use throughout a procedure and clean afterward.

Why should surgical centers invest in Vibrolith Plus?

As a worldwide leader in medical technology, ELMED provides systems—including the Vibrolith Plus—for minimally invasive procedures such as lithotripsy. Medical institutions seeking an innovative yet practical solution for enhancing efficiency, ergonomics, and safety would be well-advised to consider the ELMED Virbrolith Plus as an addition to their toolset.

Stone removal remains an outpatient procedure

When urologists and other surgeons can remove stones before they become problematic, hospitals and surgical centers free up beds for additional patients. If stones are left untreated, complications may arise, resulting in hospital admission. Using technology to enable fewer beds to be occupied could be a wise move for hospitals seeking to increase efficiency.

A single device that handles virtually all stone removal procedures

Not only can urologists use Vibrolith Plus for pneumatic lithotripsy, but this system enables them to use ultrasonic or combination modes as well. As a three-mode lithotripter, Vibrolith Plus offers greater versatility for urologists to fragment and remove kidney stones—even specimens that are exceptionally hard or large. The dynamic control system ensures surgeons can quickly and safely pulverize stones without requiring another device or technique.

Multi-mode selection can provide surgeons with greater accuracy during minimally invasive procedures.

A complex lithotripter that’s easy to use

The Vibrolith Plus is designed for new and established surgeons alike, with intuitive controls to reduce the learning curve quickly. Avoiding extraneous switches and adjustment knobs that are often associated with lithotripters, Vibrolith Plus is a streamlined device that most surgeons can use easily. The suction pump provides better visibility for the endoscope, so surgeons can accurately fragment and remove stones without leaving any residual calculi.

Multiple safe usage modes

IML partners with ELMED because they are a leader in the industry; they are a company that develops innovative technologies that are safety-oriented. In pneumatic mode, Vibrolith Plus uses safe forced air that avoids risks such as heat exposure, electrical hazards, or tissue damage. Energy omitted in this mode comes without the risk of thermal injury or tissue destruction, serving to only disintegrate calculi.

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The market for urology technology solutions is expanding. Hospitals and surgical centers need premium systems to enable their surgeons to take care of their patients. Innovative medical devices such as the dynamic Vibrolith Plus give surgeons flexibility in the OR to resolve stones before they become a major health issue.

ELMED has a strong reputation for research and development and creating products that include advanced features that facilitate the fragmentation of urinary tract calculi. When it comes to global medical device manufacturers, ELMED is a world leader.

If you are interested in becoming an IML dealer and adding this innovative device to your product range, get in touch today. Our specialists will be glad to answer any of your questions and introduce our value-added sales toolkit that helps dealers grow their business.