Quanta System Holmium Family

The Quanta System line of holmium lasers meet the increasing demand for efficacy and flexibility, with exclusive features for performing both lithotripsy and HoLEP procedures.

Gold standard treatment

Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP) is a proven technique, and considered the gold standard for the surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), with high effectiveness, safety, and durability. BPH is the most common benign neoplasm in men, with prevalence increasing with age. As the population gets older, having efficient methods for treating BPH is vital.

Litho 60, Litho 100, and Litho 150 represent complete solutions for stone treatment. Surgeons can use multiple techniques, including high frequency dusting, fragmentation, and popcorning depending on patient needs.

IML sells these medical devices because of their versatility and ability to be used across different departments. In addition to urology and lithotripsy, these holmium lasers can be used in other specialties including ear, nose, and throat (ENT) procedures, gastroenterology, arthroscopy, discectomy, gynecology, and general surgery.

These powerful holmium lasers by Quanta System offer a wide choice of settings selections, high emission power, an intuitive and large modulation of pulse width, and dedicated modes for the different treatment steps. With multiple combinations of settings and tools, Quanta holmium family lasers provide tremendous versatility for surgeons and desirable results for patients.

A unique multi-application laser platform

Quanta System has brought an array of innovative lasers to the medical device market over the years. Their Holmium Family of lasers include several key features:

A range of settings in a high power device

Quanta System’s Holmium Family lasers offer impressive settings for an enhanced surgical experience. These systems offer high power (up to 152 W), a high repetition rate (100 Hz), pulse energy (5 J), and versatility in pulse width adjustment.

The different settings combinations enable wide treatment flexibility and a variety of surgical techniques. Quanta System’s Holmium Family devices are designed for high performance with small standard fibers. This feature gives surgeons fiber flexibility and high emission power at the same time.


Exclusive to Quanta System is the MasterPULSE setting on their line of holmium lithotripsy lasers. Traditional holmium lasers have three pulse width levels; by comparison, Quanta holmium lasers have seven—giving surgeons a faster and more intuitive laser setting adjustment for improved cutting precision.

When it comes to reducing retropulsion and modifying tissue cutting, surgeons can start with their preferred settings then adjust the MasterPULSE to tune the effect of laser emission based on visual feedback. MasterPULSE can be used in both HoLEP and lithotripsy mode.

Virtual Basket® and Vapor Tunnel® emission modes

This family of holmium lasers incorporates specific laser pulse modulation that generates longer bubbles that extend further, creating a connection channel with the stone target.

The Virtual Basket emission mode benefits the surgeon with limited stone movement and fine lithotripsy. It uses a double pulse modulation emitted from the same fiber. The first pulse generates the vapor bubble, and a second propagates through the bubble to irradiate the stone.

The Vapor Tunnel mode consists of a single, long pulse that inhibits a backward pull of the stone and enables fine stone removal. This mode is designed to use the minimum peak power in accordance with selected output settings.

Different ways to fragment stones

The Quanta System Holmium Family of lasers offers additional pulse options to break up stones:

Guided modality

Both new and experienced surgeons who are learning to use new technology require user-friendly medical devices. To help overcome any learning curve, these Quanta System holmium lasers have a guided modality on the 12-inch touch screen. Surgeons can automatically select proper emission parameters based on the intended treatments.

Double footswitch

Quanta System’s Holmium Family devices use a double footswitch, offering immediate access to multiple emission modes without having to use the device’s touchscreen. These lithotripsy devices come with complete customization for the MasterPULSE settings. Surgeons can tap the switch with their foot to switch modes from cutting to coagulation to streamline lithotripsy procedures.

Range of fibers

The Holmium Family uses a wide range of fiber diameters and types, allowing for enhanced surgical durability. These lasers automatically adjust emission settings based on the connected fiber diameter.

Quanta holmium lasers use ball tip fibers to simplify fiber insertion into bent scopes. This design prevents damage to the ureteroscope working channel and aids the sliding of the fiber tip inside of it. In addition, the use of side fibers allows lateral laser emission, a helpful feature in prostatic tissue ablation. The ball tip and side fibers are available as disposable only.

Three high-power devices in the Litho Holmium Family

Litho high power devices are available in three versions that can reach up to 152 W power and represent outstanding innovation by offering the exclusive Vapor Tunnel, Virtual Basket and MasterPULSE technologies. These devices also offer impressive settings regarding power, energy, and frequency.

Litho 60

The Litho 60 Holmium laser offers settings up to 60 Hz with both energy and frequency, and power of up to 60 W.

Litho 100

The Litho 100 Holmium laser offers settings up to 80 Hz with both energy and frequency, and power of up to 105 W.

Litho 150

The Litho 100 Holmium laser offers settings up to 100 Hz with both energy and frequency, and power of up to 152 W.

Hospitals, surgical centers, and surgeons benefit from the Quanta System Holmium Family

The versatility of the Quanta System Holmium Family enables them to be well-used in many medical institutions. This lineup can be used to perform lithotripsy and incision, excision, resection, ablation, vaporization, coagulation, and hemostasis of soft tissue in various medical specialties. Being able to handle a variety of medical procedures is a major benefit of these devices, but it only scratches the surface of what this system can do.

Portable devices with a small footprint

Each of these lithotripsy lasers comes on wheels, making it easy to move from one OR to the next. Quanta System designed these lasers with a convenient footprint, so they can fit nicely into most surgical rooms. The convenience of mobility ensures hospitals and surgical centers are able to use the devices virtually anywhere within their medical institution to get the most use out of them.

Features that offer more flexibility and precision treatment for BPH and other medical conditions

With over twice the number of pulse width levels than other holmium devices, these Quanta System lasers also offer precise cutting, savable user presets, a guided selection of settings, and a convenient double footswitch. The devices’ limited depth of penetration with fast tissue incision results in precise cutting without affecting surrounding tissues.

Faster treatment times

Due to the intuitive nature of these lithotripsy machines, surgeons can obtain desired outcomes quickly without losing time adjusting the device’s energy and frequency parameters. Additionally, surgeons can adjust laser settings based on visual feedback, and limited stone movement negates the time it takes to reposition fibers during a procedure. When surgeons can complete treatments more efficiently, they can take on more procedures, thereby helping more patients in the process.

Reliable, user-friendly software

Maintenance is always a concern with the purchase of a new medical device. Quanta System designed this line of holmium lasers with user-friendly software and minimal upkeep, so they can be used to complete more procedures more efficiently. In addition, the intuitive touch screen and functionality ensures that surgeons—no matter where they are in their career—can quickly overcome the learning curve.

Patient safety and long-term outcomes

Clinical studies demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of the HoLEP technique for long-term patient outcomes. This line of holmium products offers outstanding innovation for HoLEP, while maintaining high standards for patient health outcomes.

Quanta System dealers receive premium customer support from IML

IML is known for providing our dealers with the customer service and support they need for success in medical device sales. As part of the IML dealer network, you get access to our exclusive line of medical products—including the Quanta System Holmium Family—and our collection of valuable tools and resources that can help turn your outreach efforts into sales.

These value-added perks through a relationship with IML can help you overcome buyer objections and equip you with the training you need to become an expert in our products.

By putting a strong focus on our dealer relationships, you’ll come to think of IML as an extension of your in-house team. We come with a solutions-oriented approach, so you will always receive the information and advice you need with a fast response time.

Become a dealer for the Quanta System Holmium Family

Urology is a huge and expanding market. Medical devices like the Quanta System holmium lasers provide urologists and other specialists with an innovative toolkit that can help make procedures more efficient with excellent patient outcomes.

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