DEKA Medical Products

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing premium medical devices, DEKA products are used all over the world.

About DEKA

DEKA was founded over three decades ago to create innovative medical technologies. The company aims to transform the medical device industry through enhanced designs and functionality based on proprietary technology.

This Italy-based manufacturer designs and builds state-of-the-art medical systems that improve the work of doctors, surgeons, and nurses, as well as the wellbeing of their patients. DEKA medical products are present in more than 120 countries, and their wide geographic reach demonstrates strong customer satisfaction with the company’s product line.

Decades of medical device research, testing, and refinement

IML partners with proven world-class manufacturers—such as DEKA—who bring innovative technologies to the medical device industry.

DEKA medical devices are inspired by those who use them—doctors and surgeons. During the design phase, DEKA collaborates with industry professionals to create new medical products and improve existing devices.

Considered a leader in the medical technology space, DEKA’s design process starts with a human-first approach. Though machine learning and artificial intelligence are emerging technologies in the medical space, DEKA thoughtfully incorporates these technologies into their products. The goal is to make life easier for doctors and patients by providing solutions that increase safety, performance, and efficiency.

At IML, our manufacturing partner network is a testament to our reputation in the industry. DEKA is a worldwide name in medical innovation, and the company has become a reference point for scholars and scientific researchers involved in clinical trials, as well as national and international research projects.

IML distributes the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO and the IMLight CO₂ Surgical Laser

The IML product lineup includes the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO. This device is a game-changer for minimally invasive microsurgery in ear, nose, and throat (ENT) procedures, neurosurgery, and general surgery.

SmartXide² TRIO is a CO² laser designed to enhance the precision, efficiency, and safety of surgical procedures by augmenting the abilities of surgeons through laser technology.

The IMLight CO₂ Surgical Laser is a versatile device well-suited to soft-tissue surgery across many medical disciplines.

How IML helps dealers to sell DEKA products

IML has done extensive industry-wide research to identify world-class medical devices such as DEKA’s CO² laser. Our team of experts can help you articulate DEKA’s unique features, benefits, and selling points, and offer you the education and tools you need to overcome stakeholder objections.

Our dealers work with us because they appreciate the support and premium level of service IML provides. Our high-touch support and communication channels allow you to contact us 24/7/365, so we can give you the information you need to close more deals.

Become a dealer for DEKA medical products

DEKA’s SmartXide² TRIO laser can be used in several types of surgery—the versatility of this system is one of the many ways this laser becomes an asset in the operating room.

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