Bringing the World’s

Best Medical Technology


to the United States

Bringing the world’s best medical technology to the United States.


Your partner in premium medical devices and innovative instruments.

International Medical Lasers (IML) has sourced the highest quality medical devices from around the world since 2011. As a company focused on innovation, we deliver cutting-edge medical devices to surgery centers, hospitals, and other medical institutions in the U.S. We work with international manufacturers to bring our dealers the best medical device products on the market.

Working with IML

Whether you are a U.S.-based medical device dealer or an international manufacturer of medical systems, we can help you grow your business.

A valuable resource for dealers

We acquire the world’s leading premium medical devices and make them accessible to our dealers in the U.S. We rethink the importer/dealer relationship, taking an active role in educating, helping, and providing value for our team of dealers. We understand the needs of hospitals and surgeons, and our experience enables us to provide you with expert level guidance.

An experienced partner for manufacturers

Throughout our tenure in the medical device industry, we have forged relationships with leading global manufacturers of medical systems. As an initial importer, we collaborate with multiple international brands to bring their products to the U.S. market and prepare them for launch. We select our manufacturer relationships carefully; their devices are required to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs.

IML’s reputation for excellence

IML focuses exclusively on premium medical systems. Our product standards are exceptionally high, and our vetting process ensures we partner with manufacturers of high-quality, reliable, and innovative systems.

In-depth knowledge

IML conducts detailed research into potential manufacturing partners, their processes, and the nuances of their products. For us to provide high-touch support and knowledge for our dealers, we require a full understanding of the manufacturing process and assembly line, the unique features of each device, and the innovative components that make a particular system superior to its competitors.

Premium customer service

IML has a strong track record of providing extensive customer service before, during, and after the sale. We build long term business relationships with our dealer network that deliver value, connections, tools, and training that help them grow their business. IML provides strategic advice that helps manufacturers gain access to the U.S. market to broaden distribution.

Research-driven medical devices

During manufacturer and product evaluations, we probe into company history, their relevant contributors from the medical field, additional devices in their product suite, as well as material and components. We thoroughly examine product specifications, inspecting every component for premium quality. Only the best products make the cut.

Our vast knowledge and understanding in the medical device industry is an asset for our partners. We know what each stakeholder values in a medical device, and imparting our knowledge helps our dealers make sales.

An exclusive product line of medical devices

We secure exclusive distribution rights with our manufacturing partners. This means we may be the only source for some types of products in the market, limiting the competition from other agents and their dealers.
Our vast knowledge and understanding in the medical device industry is an asset for our partners. We know what each stakeholder values in a medical device, and imparting our knowledge helps our dealers make sales.

– John Mooney, IML Leadership

Industry News


Global medical innovation, delivered to the United States.
US Market Access

Market access to the US

One of the biggest issues global medical device manufacturers face is expanding their footprint in other countries. The U.S. is a major commercial opportunity for medical device companies. In this ever-growing market, medical manufacturing companies may need help navigating the challenges of bringing their product line to the U.S.

US Market Access

High-end medical device manufacturers

IML’s manufacturing partners are leaders in their respective fields, with a proven track record of providing elite medical products and services. With world-class assembly line processes, exemplary business practices, and exceptional product quality, our manufacturing partners set the bar high for innovation.

Our manufacturing partners

IML has built long-standing relationships with the following global medical device companies:
Quanta System
Quanta System is an Italian company that offers innovative laser systems for surgery, aesthetics, and art conservation. Established in 1985, Quanta System is a leader in the research, development, and production of lasers used worldwide.
For 30 years, DEKA has led the world with medical laser systems and new therapy innovations. With a market presence in over 120 countries, DEKA is an epicenter of innovation for the entire global medical sector, introducing unprecedented applications and systems for medicine, surgery, and aesthetic dermatology.
MacroLux is dedicated to endoscopic diagnosis and treatment and focused on providing innovative and reliable medical solutions to healthcare professionals worldwide. The company develops premium medical devices, such as single-use digital ureteroscopes, for advanced endoscopic interventions spanning departments, including urology, respiration, and digestion.
Market-leading ELMED has been providing innovative, effective, and advanced lithotripsy systems for 30 years. ELMED focuses on developing new technologies and high-tech products in the field of urology. The company invented and developed a flexible ureteroscopy robot, AVICENNA Roboflex, for the world’s first robotic surgery application.

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We have been working with John and the team at IML for eight years. Over this time, IML has been integral to the ongoing success of our business. Not only does IML provide excellent quality medical lasers, their sales and post-purchase care make it easier for us to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. I am very happy with IML, their products and the support they provide us.
– IML Dealer for Deka


Premium sales support whenever you need it.

The medical device market continues to grow

The increasing demand for medical devices is expanding the market opportunity for dealers. An uptick in demand means hospitals and surgery centers may be in the market for new medical systems. IML offerings can help put hospital surgical centers on the leading edge of medical device technology.

We understand the sales process of medical devices

Medical devices benefit surgery workflows, but require buy-in from many stakeholders. We’re here to help you understand, address, and overcome objections from potential buyers. We provide a suite of marketing materials to help different hospital stakeholders understand the value of our medical systems.

Educational materials and premium support

As an IML dealer, you can expect a lot. We provide you with extensive technical support, education, and training to effectively communicate the entire value proposition of our medical products. We give you the tools you need to succeed in medical device sales.

Partner with IML

Cutting-edge technology can enable practical improvements in healthcare quality and patient outcomes. IML is proud to partner with leading medical device manufacturers and dealers. With a reputation for providing premium customer service, IML creates value that helps our dealers sell more devices. If you would like more information or to partner with IML, please contact us.