Quanta System Low-Powered Holmium Lasers

These feature-packed lithotripsy systems are for hospitals and surgical centers seeking a capable holmium laser based on technology from higher-powered devices.

Two low-powered holmium laser systems for medical institutions seeking a value-oriented solution

At IML, we do our best to provide our end consumers with options to fit the needs of their clinic, office, hospital, or center. We can provide the Quanta System Litho EVO or Litho devices for those seeking a more economical holmium laser.

The Quanta System Litho EVO is a value-packed laser system that is easy to set up and use, with a minimal learning curve. With powerful high-end capabilities, including MasterPULSE and Vapor Tunnel® usage modes, surgeons can tailor treatment techniques to the job at hand.

In contrast, the Quanta System Litho is a flexible, economy laser system that can do most of what the Litho EVO laser can with slightly fewer features. With four operative modes, Litho automatically adjusts to the correct pulse duration.

Here are additional details on Quanta System’s Litho EVO and Litho laser devices.

Litho Evo

Litho Evo: an advanced lithotripsy laser for virtually any OR


Gives surgeons options when it comes to ablation methods


MasterPULSE and Vapor Tunnel modes provide additional variations of pulse duration, wattage, and frequency


Enables fragmentation for all stones, including those that form in the bladder, kidneys, ureters, or urethra

Used in a variety of procedures

Used extensively in urology for TUIP, HoLEP, ablation of BPH, and more, the Litho EVO can be used across several other surgical specialties, including:

With the Litho EVO system, stone fragments break up the first time—regardless of their composition. Using up to 5 J of pulse energy, the Litho EVO lithotripsy device is effective against even hard stones. In addition, with the MasterPULSE and Virtual Tunnel settings, stone ablation happens faster—so specialists can finish up stone fragmentation quickly and move on to the next patient.

Litho Evo

The Quanta System Litho EVO at a glance

It can be challenging to onboard a new client with a baseline model lithotripsy laser, but gaining buy-in for a top-of-the-line device can be just as hard. The Litho EVO device represents the evolution of Quanta System’s low-power holmium line. Building on the excellent performance of its predecessors, the EVO includes innovations previously exclusive to the Quanta System’s Holmium Family.

The Litho EVO 35W Holmium:YAG laser for advanced lithotripsy is designed for enhanced versatility in soft tissue surgery. Here are just some of the features users can expect from this lithotripsy device:

A wide range of applications

Litho EVO has a limited penetration depth (0.3–0.4 mm). This feature, combined with the incision and hemostasis properties of this type of radiation, enables a large variety of surgical treatments, as mentioned above.

Apart from stone fragmentation (urolithiasis, gallstones, etc.) and urology treatments (strictures, tumor resection, etc.), the Litho EVO is intended for open, laparoscopic, and endoscopic procedures. Surgical techniques such as incision, excision, resection, ablation, vaporization, coagulation, and hemostasis of soft tissue are indicated for use.

Intuitive design and guided modality

All Quanta System products are designed around the needs of its users—surgeons, and doctors. Litho EVO is designed with an enhanced user experience, incorporating features that streamline workflows. For example, surgeons can select from 11 emission parameters for different surgical techniques, save their favorite settings, switch between modes almost instantly, and more.

Though the EVO is considered a low-power system, it comes with advancements typically reserved for higher-powered lasers. Guided modality through the large screen display helps surgeons automatically select the proper settings for a given procedure.

MasterPULSE and Vapor Tunnel® modes

The Quanta System Litho EVO features innovative technologies, including MasterPULSE and Vapor Tunnel usage modes.

The MasterPULSE setting offers better pulse duration adjustment and easier retropulsion control for surgeons to make it easier to modify tissue cutting. Rather than use multiple settings, surgeons start with their preferences, then use the MasterPULSE mode to tune the effect of laser emission based on visual feedback. In this mode, surgeons have seven pulse levels compared to the traditional three with other holmium lasers.

The lithotripsy laser’slaser’s Vapor Tunnel emission mode uses a single long pulse to limit stone retropulsion and facilitate fine stone ablation. Vapor tunnel mode uses minimum peak power for the selected output setting, enabling the device to be as efficient as possible.

High power with small fibers

The Litho EVO device is built for high performance and versatility in applications requiring a wide range of delivery probes. Quanta System made the EVO compatible with a variety of fiber diameters and types.

The lithotripsy device comes equipped with small standard fibers and other fiber models that allow nearly full power—even with small fiber diameters. By using this design, surgeons are not limited to choosing between fiber flexibility and high-emission power—they can use both simultaneously.

Double footswitch

In addition to the crisp and intuitive touch screen, Litho EVO comes with a double footswitch. This enables greater flexibility in technique by allowing the surgeon to change from one treatment mode to another instantly. For example, a surgeon can switch from fragmentation to popcorning or from incision to coagulation modes by tapping the appropriate pedal with their foot.

Other similar devices may require another surgical team member to adjust the settings, where the footswitch keeps the surgeon in control throughout the procedures so that treatment can continue without interruption.

Compact design

The lightweight tower design has a small footprint, enabling easy transportation and usage across departments. With lockable wheels, the Litho EVO laser is suitable for use in various hospital locations. The frequent movement will not affect the performance or condition of the device.


Litho: A precise lithotripsy laser with four operative modes

The Quanta System Litho surgical unit is based on the holmium: yttrium-aluminum-garnet (Ho:YAG) laser. This device emits light at a two-micron (2100 nm) wavelength, making it highly absorbed by water and biological tissue. Because of the high radiation absorption by water, the application in a hydrous solution environment is highly safe.

The lithotripsy laser has four operative modes:

  1. Ablation
  2. Coagulation
  3. Lithotripsy – Dusting Effect
  4. Lithotripsy – Hard Stone

The Litho automatically adjusts to the correct pulse duration and sets the energy and repetition rate values based on the selected operating mode.


An overview of the Quanta System Litho

The Quanta System lithotripsy lasers work efficiently to fragment ureteral and kidney stones. The intuitive Litho and Litho EVO are designed with surgeon workflows in mind, offering features that streamline stone removal and help restore patient comfort.

Compact, portable design

Quanta System lasers are designed to be portable. Both the Litho and Litho EVO come with lockable wheels, ensuring the devices move easily and smoothly between departments. With a small footprint, these lasers fit into nearly every room in the hospital.

Intuitive setup and interface

Unlike other medical devices that require a lot of training and learning just to set up the machine, the Litho and Litho EVO are designed for easy installation and use. On each device, surgeons can use the intuitive color display to select an operative mode, and the correct output setting will automatically be assigned.

Value-oriented lithotripsy devices

The Litho and Litho EVO are considered low-powered (LP) holmium lasers. However, the reduced wattage does not make them inferior. Outcomes are generally similar between these and high-power (HP) devices. The Litho and Litho EVO feature a dynamic power range that uses small-diameter fibers to sufficiently break up stones with minimal damage to surrounding tissues.

Double footswitch

Though the Litho and Litho EVO come with an easy-to-use touch screen, surgeons require the use of their hands during procedures. Managing the screen, laser, and patient simultaneously can be difficult. For this reason, Quanta System designed both lasers with a double footswitch, enabling a urologist or other medical specialist to control the touch screen with a foot pedal.

How the Litho and Litho EVO lasers benefit hospitals and their stakeholders

The Litho and Litho EVO low-powered holmium lasers were built to be flexible and modular, with plenty of advantages for American medical institutions. Here are a few key benefits of these lasers.

Minimal learning curve

Minimal learning curve

Designed with easy-to-use guided modality, both of these lasers enable a variety of settings, each one suited for particular treatments. Requiring very little training, surgeons can ramp up quickly with these devices and start using them confidently in the OR.

Greater efficiency for surgeons

Greater efficiency for surgeons

In-house surgical talent requires tools that elevate the way they perform surgery. In the OR, surgeons want technology that makes their workflows more efficient, freeing up OR beds for additional patients and procedures.

Designed for a full workload

Designed for a full workload

The Litho and Litho EVO low-powered holmium lasers are popular and ideal for many use cases. Over the course of a day, they can be used for multiple procedures across various specialties. With their compact footprint and modular design, surgical teams can easily wheel the litho device from the urology department to gynecology to general surgery.

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The Quanta System Litho and Litho EVO lasers are not limited to the urology market. They provide specialists with advanced tools to make procedures more efficient so that they can treat more patients.

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