Our Team

As a market leader in the medical device industry, IML has been supplying innovative technologies from leading global manufacturers to hospitals, surgical centers, and other medical institutions across the US since 2011.

Experts on medical device sales

The IML team brings decades of clinical surgery and distribution experience. From the initial import to the OR, our team has been there. Combined with multi-disciplinary experiences, including military service, banking, and software sales, we bring diverse perspectives focused on bringing the best medical devices to the U.S. market. Many of us have been working together since the founding of IML and know the business and each other inside and out.

John Mooney

President & Founder

John Mooney is an experienced sales and business development professional whose career spans diverse companies and industries. He has since spent the plurality of his professional career working in the medical device industry.

Starting as a territory manager for the mobilizer company Wave Form Systems, John excelled in the highly competitive medical device field and steadily rose through the ranks to become the company’s VP of Sales. In that role, he led the introduction of Green Light lasers for BPH treatment and minimally invasive cryoablation for prostate cancer in the Northwest.

His ability to exceed quotas, foster meaningful relationships with stakeholders, and develop new opportunities led to the founding of International Medical Lasers (IML). In his new capacity as President of IML, John helped lead the introduction of the Cyber TM laser for the treatment of BPH across the U.S.

John and his co-founder recognized the potential for significant advances in patient care with the introduction to the U.S. market of innovative medical lasers from Italy. He has worked closely with the manufacturer for several generations of their lasers, helping continuously improve the functionality and user experience. As a result, these enhancements have been introduced to the U.S. market.

Through his cross-cultural competencies and ability to build trust with others, John secured exclusive distribution rights in the U.S. for a range of highly advanced surgical lasers. Since the first line of lasers, John has secured exclusive rights to other high-impact medical devices in the U.S. market, and IML continues to be at the forefront of emerging trends and advances under his leadership.

We are here for you

The IML team is here to answer questions, address concerns, provide value, and serve our network of dealer and manufacturer partners as they grow their businesses. With a reputation for providing premium customer support and extensive product information, we are glad to offer any information and resources you may need.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an IML manufacturing partner or part of our dealer network, connect with us today.