DEKA SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ Laser System

This surgical laser system by DEKA with scanning and micromanipulation enables precise, safe, and efficient use across various medical procedures.

CO₂ laser surgery: a proven solution

CO₂ laser surgery systems—such as the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO—offer a well-recognized approach for highly effective, minimally invasive procedures. With hundreds of scientific articles published about the technology, and a strong track record of usage across various disciplines, CO₂ laser systems have been a foundational piece of many operating rooms for over 20 years.

Electronic scanning systems and other connectible devices enable precise, safe, and reproducible treatments.

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DEKA SmartXide

The DEKA SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ laser advantage

The SmartXide² TRIO is a game-changer for minimally invasive microsurgery in ENT procedures, neurosurgery, and general surgery. Designed to enhance surgeon capabilities, SmartXide² TRIO is helping usher in a new era of laser surgery innovation.

The machine enables surgeons to operate precisely and efficiently with a combination of scanner-assisted accuracy, micromanipulation, and the flexibility of CO₂ and diode lasers. Speed and safety are two of the many advantages of the intuitive SmartXide² TRIO.

Exceptional performance

From a technical perspective, the system provides both articulated arm and high-performance hollow fiber CO₂ delivery, as well as a diode laser module with dedicated fibers to maximize power transmission for focused pulses.

High power, with various pulse options

The SmartXide² TRIO RF excited CO₂ sealed laser source offers high power and swift action. Our PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology generates differing peak pulses with varying structure, duration, and power to adapt to various clinical conditions. This flexibility makes the SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ laser system a versatile solution for busy medical institutions. Surgeons from various specialties can benefit from using this machine.

In terms of pulse types, U-pulse (ultrapulsed) and Real CW are the most commonly used with this DEKA system. As an example, U-Pulse is ideal for ENT microsurgery because a massive amount of energy is supplied in microseconds, ensuring precise ablation without tissue carbonization. The Real CW emission type has no acoustic effect and is suitable for the one shot stapedotomy technique.

Key Features and Benefits

The SmartXide² TRIO enables the use of the CO₂ laser with EasySpot series micromanipulators and the HiScan surgical scanner. This combination provides speed, ease of use, and minimal invasiveness for a variety of procedures. Clinically speaking, surgical results are reproducible due to the premium quality laser and the combination of the EasySpot and HiScan technology.

EasySpot series micromanipulators

A major advantage of the SmartXide² TRIO system is the micromanipulators. With easy focalization, focal point memory, and joystick-controlled scan functions, EasySpot series micromanipulators take precision and accuracy to the next level.

HiScan surgical scanner

Scan assistance uses the power of software guidance to reduce thermal damage and eliminate carbonization for clean cutting edges. This software-guided procedure enhances laser beam focus and centration. Combined with ultra fast laser beam movement and a variety of scanning shapes, the SmartXide² TRIO gives surgeons and their teams maximum control.

A versatile device for multiple surgical wards

The SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ laser system is indicated for use in many types of cases across specialties. The platform uses high-accuracy microspot micromanipulators with surgical scanners, and complete sets of surgical handpieces for each specialty—offering surgeons tools to operate with precision and deliver reproducible results.

Precise operation and control

The SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ laser system enables accurate incision, excision, ablation, vaporization, and coagulation of soft tissues. Very little tissue needs to be taken due to the precision and control of the system. The flexible delivery system for the CO₂ and diode laser excels in minimal access surgeries. SmartXide2 TRIO offers the ability to operate in hard-to-reach areas using traditional techniques.

Backed by a reliable leader in the industry

For over 30 years, DEKA has pioneered advanced medical therapies and medical laser technologies, especially CO₂ systems. DEKA lasers are used around the world in over 120 countries.

The consistent, familiar, and standardized interfaces on devices such as the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ laser have proven to be effective, responsive, and intuitive for surgeons. On the hardware side, the systems underpinning DEKA lasers are all mature, easy to use, and reliable.


The DEKA SmartXide² TRIO laser offers excellent value and return-on-investment for hospitals, surgical centers, and other types of medical institutions. With a proven track record of engineering CO₂ surgical laser platforms over the past 30+ years, DEKA has tested, refined, and perfected its laser technologies. The SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ laser system provides incredible versatility as it can be used in a variety of specialties and departments. This maximization of usage ensures a strong ROI.

Another key objective for medical institutions is increasing efficiency. One way to achieve this is through technology solutions such as lasers that enable all stakeholders to achieve their goals including surgical teams, patients, and hospital administrators.

The DEKA SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ laser system, with its modern ergonomics, high-powered pulsation, and high levels of accuracy, is an excellent addition to any operating room or clinic.

Modern ergonomics

In many types of specialties, surgeons face physical pain due to lengthy holds or sub-optimal positioning required for certain procedures. The DEKA CO₂ laser system has innovative ergonomics that enable surgeons to choose the operating positions and movements that are most comfortable. This choice of body position may potentially reduce the pain surgeons face at work.
SmartXide2 TRIO brings greater efficiency and reproducible results to the operating room, resulting in time saving without sacrificing the quality offered to the patient. The innovative nature of the Trio helps clinicians in their daily routine with a versatile tool for laser-assisted minimally invasive surgery. Thanks to the precision and replicability that only scan-assisted CO2 laser microsurgery can offer, the new HiScan Surgical scan system, along with the Easyspot Hybrid micromanipulator, has significantly simplified the performance of delicate and complex surgical procedures such as transoral larynx surgery and laser stapedotomy.
– Stefano Dallari, MD

An advanced scanner attachment provides additional surgical possibilities

An advanced scanner attachment for scar revision gives the Trio the ability to treat certain medically necessary conditions, such as significant tissue scarring and other treatments, through CO2 laser resurfacing.

The TRIO attachment uses the emission of dots to create micro areas of thermal damage on the skin, alternating with areas of untreated tissue in between. The skin quickly regenerates, repairing the outer layer and reducing redness. As a result, there is an immediate improvement in the appearance of the skin, with some shrinkage due to the targeted heat.

SmartStack depth control

Surgeons can select up to five levels to control how deep the vaporization goes — offering greater control during surgeries and more effective treatment outcomes. As the SmartStack level increases, there is progressive thinning of the ablation canal due to the shrinking effect.

The SmartTrack algorithm

SmartTrack is a special scanning method that enhances how heat affects body tissue. It generates sequences that optimize the scanning process and create a more natural and harmonious post-treatment result.

PSD technology

Surgeons can select from various pulse modes to control vaporization depth and the thermal effect. Changing the mode in a specific area generates different results in terms of ablation and stimulation.

How much does the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ laser cost (wholesale price)?

In the medical device industry, a number of factors determine the wholesale price of a CO₂ laser. These cost inputs may change over time resulting in price fluctuations. Factors influencing wholesale device price may include:

All of these factors and more will influence the cost of a wholesale medical CO₂ laser. If you are a dealer with specific questions about pricing for the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ laser, get in touch today, and we will be glad to help.

Indications for use: DEKA SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ laser

DEKA developed this device with top-level scanning-aided micromanipulators and handpieces to address the clinical needs of ENT, neurosurgery, general surgery, and OBGYN; moreover, the expanding use of surgical robots such as the Da Vinci system has increased interest in using fiber-guided surgical lasers for minimal access procedures to treat conditions such as endometriosis.

With this in mind, surgical teams can use the DEKA system for incision, excision, ablation, vaporization, and coagulation of body soft tissues in medical specialties.

Other types of specialties and surgeries this DEKA laser can be used for include:

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The DEKA SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ laser system is a powerful platform that helps hospitals increase precision, efficiency, and safety. As laser technology is now both proven and widespread in medicine, this DEKA unit can make an excellent addition to operating rooms across America.

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