Pusen Uscope: Digital Flexible Ureteroscope

Industry-leading single-use ureteroscope systems for safe, efficient, and cost-effective procedures. Hospitals can save money and complete more procedures in less time with these single-use digital flexible ureteroscopes by Pusen.

World-class technology

Urinary stones affect approximately 600,000 Americans annually and this number is increasing. It is estimated that 6 percent of women and 11 percent of men face kidney stones at least once in their lifetime in the U.S.

With a significant increase in case loads, hospitals need efficient solutions to facilitate back-to-back procedures, with as little turnaround time as possible. Pusen products provide an increased level of efficiency for busy surgical teams.

The Uscope is the latest innovation from the creators of the world’s first single-use flexible ureteroscope, Pusen Medical. The system features a number of efficiency-boosting technologies including:

The powerful capabilities of the Pusen single-use digital flexible ureteroscope make it a compelling solution for hospitals seeking to complete more surgeries in less time, while improving surgeon ergonomics.

Why Pusen Uscopes are the best

Founded by a surgeon, Pusen Medical products are designed by a team that knows what surgeons require in a ureteroscope. As such, Pusen redefines safety, comfort, and efficiency in urological operating rooms.

Pusen digital ureteroscopes outperform both the reusable and single use versions of competing devices. Use cases for this system may include difficult lower pole work, heavy or light case volume facilities, backups, or demonstrations.

In addition, Pusen Uscopes come in two sizes, making them an even more attractive tool for surgeons. Available in 9 Fr and 7.5 Fr, the Uscope offers surgeons options to work with the right size device for each case.

For innovative, practical and affordable Uscopes, Pusen is the best option on the market today.

Compelling benefits and return-on-investment

Today’s caseload numbers are ever-increasing. Hospitals are under more pressure than ever to produce better results in less time, and for less money. One way to achieve this objective is to invest in technologies that increase efficiency.

Single-use technologies such as the Pusen Uscope helps hospitals manage their needs in the following ways:

Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging

Reusable scopes can contain hazardous chemicals that may affect reuse. Pusen single-use scopes minimize packaging in sterile recyclable containers, eliminating dangerous chemicals.

Easy setup

Easy ordering, setup, and use

Pusen high tech ureteroscopes are in stock in America and ready to ship. From a buying perspective, there are no purchase contracts, GPO mandates, or hassles to deal with. With such a powerful array of benefits, IML dealers in the U.S. note that Pusen Uscopes almost sell themselves.

Why buy Pusen products

Why buy Pusen products?

Pusen is widely used across the world, including in some of the strictest medical-device approval markets such as: Western Europe, the Middle East, America, Canada, and more. The company continues to innovate and develop new products while providing strong support for current platforms through IML dealers in America.

Premium customer service for the IML dealer network

IML has a reputation for providing expert, timely assistance through our dealer network. Whether it’s a technical issue in the middle of the night, or a specific product question, our specialists are here to answer your questions. We are here to provide support, no matter what your needs are.

Add the Uscope to your product lineup

U.S. medical device dealers, are you ready to learn more about the Pusen digital flexible Ureteroscope, and how you can sell it into hospitals and other medical institutions? Contact us today, and a specialist on our team will be glad to answer your questions about becoming an IML dealer.

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