Breaking Into Medical Device Sales: A Guide for Seasoned Sales Professionals

Transitioning into medical device sales has the potential to be a rewarding challenge for ambitious and hard-working individuals. If you’re a seasoned medical sales professional or have a strong track record in another specialty, this guide is for you.

Here are eight key strategies you’ll need to successfully transition into the lucrative and innovative field of medical device sales.

1. Immerse yourself in the industry

Switching to medical device sales requires immersing yourself in the field to gain domain knowledge. For example, attend industry conferences like the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) series, read publications such as Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI), and follow regulatory updates.

Over time, developing a solid grasp of the regulatory landscape, market dynamics, and emerging technologies will enhance your credibility and equip you to engage in meaningful discussions with potential employers.

2. Leverage your existing network

Leveraging your current network is crucial, so seek advice from colleagues who may have made a similar transition or have insights into the medical device sector. For example, consider informational interviews to build relationships and gain knowledge from established professionals in the field.

Personal connections become an important pathway for referrals or recommendations when you’re ready to make a move.

3. Highlight relevant experience

Next, tailor your resume to emphasize experience that aligns with medical device sales. For example, highlight any projects or achievements that demonstrate your ability to:

Additionally, showcase your proficiency in understanding and addressing the unique challenges within the healthcare industry, emphasizing transferable skills that apply to medical device sales.

4. Invest in continuous learning

When transitioning to medical device sales, stay ahead of the curve by going after as many learning opportunities as possible. For example, pursue certifications relevant to the medical device industry or healthcare settings.

Also, be proactive in attending workshops and webinars offered by industry associations. Doing so helps you deepen your understanding of the technical aspects of medical devices and enables you to stay on top of evolving industry trends.

5. Tailor your pitch

When entering a new industry, it can help to craft a compelling story that communicates your passion for medical device sales. For example, describe how your journey in sales paired with your genuine interest in healthcare innovation uniquely positions you for success in the medical device field.

Be sure to tailor your pitch for different audiences, emphasizing aspects of your background that align with the specific needs and challenges faced by medical device sales reps.

6. Network strategically

Attending industry events and conferences with a clear networking strategy is a must. When you’re there, engage in meaningful conversations, exchange contact information, and follow up with professionals you meet.

Similarly, participate in panel discussions or present your expertise to establish yourself as a knowledgeable and engaged member of the medical device community. Lastly, consider joining online forums to participate in discussions that expand your network.

7. Consider specialized recruitment agencies

Additionally, be sure to explore recruitment agencies that specialize in medical device placements. These agencies often have exclusive relationships with companies in the industry. They can provide you access to job opportunities that may not be advertised publicly.

Work closely with these agencies to tailor your resume and application materials for maximum impact.

8. Prepare for technical interviews

Anticipate technical questions related to the specific medical devices you plan to sell. For example, familiarize yourself with these devices’ technical specifications, applications, and industry jargon.

Next, practice articulating complex information clearly and concisely to demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively with healthcare professionals.

Finally, breaking into medical device sales requires a strategic and comprehensive approach. By combining a deep understanding of the industry with effective networking, continuous learning, and a tailored presentation of your skills and experience, you’ll be well-positioned to transition into this dynamic and rewarding field.

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