DEKA SmartXide² in the Modern Hospital and Surgical Setting

In the fast-paced world of surgical technology, the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ laser system has become synonymous with precision and versatility. Backed by decades of scientific research and practical application, this system has solidified its place in operating rooms globally, revolutionizing the landscape of minimally invasive surgeries.

In this article, we examine the diverse applications and advantages of the SmartXide² TRIO across various surgical specialties, offering hospital decision-makers a closer look at its unparalleled capabilities.

Proven performance across specialties

The DEKA SmartXide² TRIO has earned a reputation as a proven solution across multiple surgical disciplines. The effectiveness of laser-assisted surgeries is well-documented through scientific journal articles spanning over 20 years, making lasers like the TRIO a foundational piece in operating rooms worldwide.
Surgeons benefit from the ability to perform the following with exceptional control and reproducible results:

In terms of specialties, the SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ laser system is particularly well-suited to the following surgical specialties.

Otolaryngology (ENT)

The ENT specialty has benefitted from the use of innovative medical devices. Platforms such as the SmartXide TRIO laser have revolutionized transoral micro surgery.

In addition to a CO2 laser source, the Smartxide Trio offers an optional diode laser module. With high wattage and a short pulse it can be considered a safe, precise, and valuable tool to provide optionality to procedures such as a one-shot stapedotomy. Laser technology aids in creating a precise hole (fenestration) in the stapes footplate.

With the SmartXide2 TRIO system, ENT surgeons benefit from its advanced scanning and micromanipulation technology, allowing for precise ablation without tissue carbonization, potentially enhancing patient outcomes.


Additionally, in gynecological surgeries, the SmartXide² TRIO can be a game-changer. From minimally-invasive treatments to laser-assisted surgeries, the combination of scanning, micromanipulation, CO₂ lasers, offer unparalleled flexibility, enabling surgeons to address a myriad of gynecological conditions with precision.

Procedures such as laparoscopic hysterectomy are ideal for the TRIO system. With both CO₂ and diode laser modules, surgeons can tailor the power, frequency, and shape of their pulse for the intricacies of each case.

The excision capabilities of the TRIO platform also facilitate cyst and tumor removal. There is plenty of wattage available for even the most demanding excisions.


The precision demanded in neurosurgery is exceptionally high. Using the SmartXide² TRIO, surgeons can confidently navigate the intricate surgical field, benefiting from the system’s controlled energy delivery and advanced scanning capabilities.

Whether it’s the ablation of brain tissue, endoscopic cranial surgeries, or photodynamic therapy for brain tumors, the SmartXide² TRIO has the power and precision necessary in neurological surgeries that have zero margins for error. The TRIO also facilitates laser thermal ablation for treating epilepsy.

General and thoracic surgery (including open and endoscopic)

From open thoracic procedures to endoscopic interventions, the SmartXide² TRIO shines. Surgeons appreciate the system’s high-powered pulsation and advanced scanning, providing maximum control and efficiency in a variety of general and thoracic surgical applications.
Applications for lasers in thoracic surgery may include:

Advanced technological features

The power of the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO in surgical setting lies in its advanced technological features such as the:

EasySpot micromanipulators: these micromanipulators offer unparalleled precision with easy focalization, focal point memory, and joystick-controlled scan functions, giving the surgeon complete control.

HiScan surgical scanner: The HiScan surgical scanner, in collaboration with the CO₂ laser, minimizes thermal damage through software-guided procedures. This gives surgeons the utmost in control, with enhanced laser beam focus and centration during procedures.

Pulse Shape Design (PSD): Unique to DEKA lasers, PSD allows for a precise and consistent change of the wavelength. It offers compelling versatility and tech advantage as PSD is a desired feature like the laser’s scanner and micromanipulator capabilities.

Versatile delivery system: The SmartXide² TRIO’s flexible delivery system for CO₂ and diode lasers excels in minimal access surgeries, allowing surgeons to operate in hard-to-reach areas using traditional techniques.

Exceptional performance and reliability

Backed by DEKA’s 30+ year track record of success, the SmartXide² TRIO is an innovative yet practical system. User-friendly interfaces that are consistent, familiar, and standardized ensure intuitive operations for surgeons.

Additionally, with hardware that is mature, easy-to-use, and reliable, the TRIO system solidifies its position as a reliable choice for hospitals, surgical centers and other medical institutions.

Value-focused investment

Lastly, the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO not only offers exceptional value but also a significant return-on-investment for medical institutions. With a proven track record spanning three decades, DEKA’s commitment to refining CO₂ surgical laser platforms ensures a versatile, reliable, and cost-effective solution for hospitals seeking efficiency and excellence in patient care.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of surgical technology, the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ continues to shape the future of diverse medical disciplines, marking a new era of transformative surgical interventions.

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