8 reasons to switch to the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ surgical laser system

With Lumenis ceasing production of the Acupulse and Ultrapulse DUO systems, it may be time to consider an alternative surgical laser platform.

Lumenis has stopped manufacturing its CO₂ surgical lasers, resulting in the discontinuation of maintenance and replacement parts supply through its parent company, Boston Scientific.

Healthcare facilities currently utilizing or renting these devices will eventually have to seek alternatives as Lumenis surgical lasers will no longer be available for laser-assisted procedures.

One option for a CO₂ surgical laser purchase is the SmartXide² TRIO by DEKA. This premium laser system is renowned for its high performance in the OR and a strong return on investment. It’s also backed by DEKA, one of the world’s leading surgical laser manufacturers.

Here are some reasons your medical institution may want to consider switching to the game-changing DEKA SmartXide² TRIO surgical laser system.

1. An industry leader in surgical laser manufacturing

For over 30 years, DEKA has been a pioneer in medical laser technologies, particularly CO₂ systems. DEKA lasers are used in over 120 countries worldwide, and their systems are proven safe, efficient, and effective.

2. Extensive after-sale support from a dedicated team

The DEKA SmartXide² TRIO is backed by industry-leading after-sale support. Training, servicing, replacement parts, and maintenance will be available from DEKA, as they believe that post-sale assistance is a key part of fostering long-term business relationships with customers.

When you deal with DEKA, you get premium customer support. They are helpful and responsive, with strong availability.

3. Game-changing 3-in-1 technology

The SmartXide² TRIO is a versatile 3-in-1 laser platform. From a technical perspective, it provides high-performance hollow fiber CO₂ delivery and an articulated arm. A diode laser module with dedicated fibers maximizes power transmission and enables precise, focused pulses.

4. Scanner and micromanipulator

The HiScan Surgical scanner and EasySpot Hybrid micromanipulator are ideal for scan-assisted laser microsurgery. These tools increase accuracy in a reproducible manner, facilitating safe and efficient procedures.

Thermal damage is minimized or eliminated with the scanner and micromanipulator. Cutting edges are clean, with no tissue carbonization. Modalities are available for both ‘depth’ and power’, enabling precise control of cutting length and ablation area.

With the scanner, software guidance is provided for both the centration and focusing of the laser beam, helping surgeons hone in on the optimal settings for each case.

5. CO₂ fiber delivery

Reaching difficult areas with a narrow operating field is easier with the SmartXide² TRIO, thanks to its flexible fiber delivery. This enhances surgeon abilities in terms of tissue management, enabling the ultimate in thermal control and precision.

A variety of handpieces with different focusing lenses, mirrors, and spacers can be used to suit the requirements of each case and surgeon’s preferences.

6. Pulse shape design technology (PSD)

The SmartXide² TRIO CO₂ surgical laser system has an RF-excited CO₂ sealed laser source. This delivers the rapid, high-power performance required for modern surgeries across specialties.

The PSD technology enables a variety of peak pulses, each with a unique structure, duration, and level of power that can be customized to each case. This adaptability makes the SmartXide² TRIO an ideal choice for high volume medical institutions such as hospitals, surgical centers and clinics.

Surgeons across multiple specialties can benefit from the versatility of the TRIO system, providing increased usage, which leads to an excellent return on investment.

7. Endoscan

This miniature scanning system is used in hands-free procedures in specialties such as ENT. Precise centering and scanner activation or deactivation are controlled by a multi-function key, enabling vaporization or cutting functions.

8. Strong Uptime

The SmartXide² TRIO is known for having excellent uptime, with few breakdowns. As a premium surgical laser system, TRIO is backed by a strong support team at DEKA that medical institutions can rely on.

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