IML Helps Medical Device Sales Reps Achieve Success By Increasing Revenues

With a consultative approach, IML elevates the way medical devices are sourced and sold across America. We deliver value through in-depth product education, premium support, and an innovative line of devices that are in high demand, helping reps grow their businesses.

Since 2011, IML has helped U.S. medical device reps succeed. Providing more than just medical devices, we act as an information and networking hub as well as a source of sales opportunities.

IML reps get a turnkey platform for business growth and industry-leading customer service. Alongside our network of sales reps nationwide, IML supports surgical teams in their efforts to improve patient care and efficiency in hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics across the country.

Premium support throughout the entire customer journey

With a strong track record of success, IML understands medical devices and how to sell them in environments such as hospitals, surgical centers, and clinics. Providing more than just products, we supply a proven platform for business growth backed by industry-leading support.

Here are some of the ways we help our reps achieve their sales goals.

Identify high demand products

Every medical device sales rep needs to source innovative products that will sell. Staying current with the latest advancements in medical technology can be challenging. As a leading connector of reps with breakthrough technologies, IML helps our rep partners stay one step ahead of the competition. We constantly search the globe to source top-quality medical devices and systems, helping our reps generate new sales opportunities.

Researching, sourcing, and supplying products to independent sales reps is only part of what we do. Building strong business relationships with our reps creates a strong foundation for success.

With world-class support materials such as our Sales Toolkits, we help medical device sales reps get up to speed quickly by operationalizing product knowledge. Our support and resources act as a catalyst, enabling reps to form mutually beneficial business relationships with key stakeholders over time.

Build rapport with decision makers

Selling to skeptical surgeons and hospital administrators can be an obstacle for medical device reps. Surgeons often prefer familiar tools and techniques, while the finance and procurement departments may raise concerns about capital costs. Other stakeholders, such as patients, may have concerns, questioning the benefits of newer technologies for their procedures.

For medical device sales reps interested in building rapport, providing value through education is critical. Asking and answering questions is mandatory to gain understanding. Genuine knowledge sharing without high-pressure sales tactics can grab attention and create interest, increasing the likelihood of a sale down the road.

Provide high quality educational materials to assure buyers

Understanding the questions, concerns, and objections that may arise is an essential part of developing a sales process. Additionally, sharing relevant resources helps to move prospects through the customer journey. That’s why we developed IML Sales Toolkits. These proven playbooks are premium resources available exclusively for our medical device sales reps. 

Our Sales Toolkits enable reps to accomplish the following: 

  • Provide personalized product information for multiple decision-makers
  • Answer questions and gain an understanding of challenges and goals
  • Address and overcome objections with proven talking points and data
  • Build confidence in the purchasing decision

As a trusted partner, IML provides high-end product information that helps reps move prospects from strangers to customers.

Close deals

Each buyer can take a different path when purchasing medical devices. Some prospects require more education and time than others. Multiple touchpoints through a variety of various channels may be required to generate sales. 

We help our medical device reps achieve their business growth goals by closing more sales. This is accomplished by empowering reps to focus on what they do best–connecting with prospects, staying in touch, and providing ongoing value that leads to sales conversions. 

A key element of closing a deal is linking a given device to the strategic objectives of stakeholders across multiple departments. 

These objectives may include:

  • Increasing surgery volumes 
  • Boosting revenue
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Cutting unnecessary costs
  • Managing cash flows
  • Providing assurance and confidence for patients  
  • Enhancing patient outcomes
  • Attracting and keeping top surgical talent

The more strategic goals a given device can align with, the better, as it makes for a more compelling business case. IML Sales Toolkits help medical device reps position a product as both a solution to major challenges and a way to achieve high-level objectives. This helps to move decision-makers through all parts of the sales funnel, strengthening customer confidence in the buying decision. 

Premium post sale support

We are proud to provide world-class sales support for our medical device reps. Whether it’s before, during, or after the sale, we empower our sales reps to provide the service that end users demand.

IML understands the goals of medical sales reps when it comes to moving prospects through the buyer’s journey and supporting them after the sale. We help our medical device sales reps accomplish this objective through our multi-part value propositions, summarized below.

Are you an established medical device sales rep who wants to learn more about partnering with IML? Reach out today, and a leader on our team will be glad to speak with you about how we can help you grow your business.

The IML five-part value proposition for medical device sales reps

As a leader in education and support, IML provides a comprehensive set of tools and resources for motivated reps interested in boosting their revenues.

Here are five ways we help our rep partners achieve success:

World-class medical devices

IML partners with leading manufacturers around the world to acquire cutting-edge technologies. U.S.-based reps get access to our exclusive line of premium medical devices, with the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell to existing customers.

Long term business relationships with sales reps

IML acts as a business growth catalyst for our reps. Going beyond importing, we forge long-term business partnerships based on a consultative approach and mutual value exchange.

Premium support for reps

IML provides world-class sales support for our medical device sales reps. This includes product knowledge, education, and training materials sales reps use to engage end users. Whether it’s training or troubleshooting, we are here for you by phone or email, providing solution-oriented and timely support. IML has built a reputation for supporting our medical sales reps; join us and experience the difference yourself.

Product knowledge library

We empower our medical sales rep network for success by providing in-depth product information and educational resources. By partnering with IML, reps gain a comprehensive understanding of our product line and how our offerings address the challenges and goals of end users. This enables reps to articulate a compelling value proposition and business case, increasing the likelihood of sales.

Business growth tools

IML Sales Toolkits are value-packed resources that empower medical device reps to grow their businesses. With detailed information about each product, including its features, benefits, and key talking points, our Sales Toolkits are invaluable resources. Are you interested in learning more about our business growth tools, which are available exclusively for IML medical device sales reps? If yes, reach out today.

We have worked with IML for the past 18 months. IML is an excellent partner because they are straightforward, responsive, and offer solutions. One of our favorite products from the IML stable is an easy sell for us from an innovation and user perspective, as well as for patient safety. Furthermore, we can offer competitive rates to our customers making it a win-win situation for everyone. We look forward to continuing our partnership with IML over the coming years.

– IML Medical Sales Rep, USA

Get in touch with IML today

IML values our long-term business partnerships with our medical sales reps, and we are committed to providing an extensive array of tools and support to help you grow. We want you to think of IML as part of your team, and we aim to help you sharpen your sales process into a well-oiled machine.

Building a successful medical device business involves surrounding yourself with the right people. Establishing long-term partnerships is critical in this business, and every rep in our network is equipped with the resources necessary to multiply their strengths and shore up their weaknesses.

Partnering with IML as a medical device sales rep can bring you new opportunities, help you expand your network, and diversify your product line with innovative devices in high demand.

If you are an established medical device rep, contact us today to learn how IML can help you sell more medical devices and grow your business.