The Benefits of CO₂ and Diode Modules in Surgical Lasers

As the evolution of surgical lasers changes and evolves, it’s impossible to overlook the innovative impact of laser systems using CO₂ and diode modules.

The DEKA SmartXide² TRIO is leading the way in this area, bringing precision and efficiency to minimally invasive microsurgery. Designed for ENT procedures, neurosurgery, and gynecology surgery, it’s more than just a machine in the operating room — it’s a game-changer.

The TRIO provides surgeons with unmatched control and flexibility by combining a second laser source, a 980 nm diode laser, and a scanner-aided micromanipulator. In a field where speed and safety are crucial, the SmartXide² TRIO excels in proficiency and reliability.

Learn more about the benefits of a medical laser with CO₂ and diode modules like the TRIO.

What to know about CO₂ lasers

The idea of a carbon dioxide laser started with Kumar Patel in 1963 while working at Bell Labs. This development opened up new possibilities in industrial, medical, and scientific fields. The efficiency of CO₂ lasers made them invaluable tools for cutting, welding, medical procedures, and scientific research.

The usage of CO₂ lasers increased quickly. High-power output and versatility were two of the biggest benefits of the early technology. In the 1970s, the healthcare industry embraced CO₂ lasers for their accuracy and ability to interact with soft tissues.

Surgeons began using CO₂ lasers for delicate procedures, including tumor removal and eye surgeries. The focused and powerful beams of CO₂ lasers allowed for greater control and minimized damage to surrounding tissues, making them indispensable tools for medical teams.

Given the continued development of carbon dioxide lasers over the years, these devices have made a monumental impact on the medical industry. Now, with the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO, the legacy of CO₂ lasers continues.

Why consider a diode laser machine

First invented in 1962, diode lasers are used in a range of research, technological, medical, and industrial applications or products.

Laser technology has replaced traditional tools in many procedures, and its applications continue to increase as the technology is further refined. For example, lasers of different wavelengths are used for a variety of otolaryngology or ENT surgeries.

Diode lasers in particular are high-performing and used to safely cut through soft tissue. Patients generally bleed less and diode lasers offer consistent results due to its excellent rate of precision.

In the dynamic field of medical technology, the SmartXide² TRIO is a standout option. The laser system is designed with advanced features and capabilities that can revolutionize hospitals and surgical centers.

Here are a few reasons why the DEKA TRIO and it’s diode laser is a beneficial medical device:

Additionally, the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO offers:

Ease of operation

Surgeons benefit from enhanced ease of operation, even in challenging conditions. The system enables users to reach internal areas such as the middle ear and nose. Additionally, the flexible hollow fiber allows for operating on delicate and small tissue with ease.

Enhanced precision

Equipped with the HiScan surgical scanner and EasySpot hybrid micromanipulator, the SmartXide² TRIO facilitates scan-assisted laser microsurgery with unmatched accuracy and reproducibility. This minimizes thermal damage and ensures clean cutting edges, allowing for precise control over cutting length and ablation area.

Increased accessibility

Navigating narrow operating fields and reaching difficult areas is simplified with the SmartXide² TRIO’s flexible fiber delivery system. Surgeons benefit from enhanced tissue management and thermal control, ensuring optimal outcomes in various surgical scenarios.

Overall, the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO and its diode laser option, provides undeniable benefits for surgeons and medical institutions. This innovative surgical laser system is poised to change modern healthcare practices for the better.

Advantages of a 3-in-1 laser

The DEKA SmartXide² TRIO offers many benefits, combining cutting-edge technology with unparalleled reliability to elevate surgical practices. Let’s dive in to a few key advantages:

Versatile 3-in-1 technology:

The SmartXide² TRIO integrates a CO₂ and diode laser (980 nanometers) seamlessly, creating a revolutionary 3-in-1 laser platform. This integration maximizes power transmission and enables precise, focused pulses, due to the high-performing hollow fiber CO₂ delivery, an articulated arm, and the diode laser module.

Exceptional uptime and reliability

With a track record of exceptional uptime and minimal breakdowns, the SmartXide² TRIO delivers consistent results. Supported by DEKA’s robust support team, medical institutions can confidently rely on this system to meet their surgical needs.

Scanning-assisted precision

The TRIO employs scanning-assisted procedures using high-quality laser technology, designed for ease of use by surgeons. This reduces procedure time and enhances reproducible results, while placing control firmly in the hands of surgeons.

Manufacturing by DEKA

DEKA oversees the production of the laser source, scanner, and micro-manipulator, ensuring complete control over the system’s quality. By manufacturing all components in-house, DEKA maintains meticulous oversight of the entire process.

Innovative features

DEKA introduces features like the spiral, allowing for precise management of different hole sizes and reducing collateral thermal damage. The TRIO also offers a wide range of shape options, further enhancing its versatility in various surgical procedures.

For hospitals and medical centers today, the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO is paving the way toward effective and efficient patient care. Surgeons can confidently achieve reproducible results with the reliability and cost-effectiveness of DEKA’s laser devices.

Why the DEKA TRIO stands out

DEKA is a pioneer in surgical laser manufacturing with over three decades of industry-leading expertise. Trusted by medical professionals in 120 countries, DEKA’s lasers are renowned for their safety and efficiency.

The DEKA SmartXide² TRIO laser is a winning example of how far medical technology has developed and advanced. Why the name TRIO? “TRIO” reflects its three distinct configurations. First, the articulated arm option allows for the assembly of the scanner and micro-manipulator. Second, the hollow waveguide fiber adds versatility. Finally, there’s a second wavelength with a 50 watt, 980 nanometer diode module, offering unprecedented flexibility.

The Pulse Shape Design (PSD) technology of the SmartXide² TRIO enables customized treatments with tailored peak pulses. Surgeons can optimize treatment efficacy across different specialties with pulse types like the U-pulse and Real CW.

Investing in the SmartXide² TRIO means gaining access to comprehensive after-sale support from DEKA’s dedicated team. From training to servicing and maintenance, DEKA ensures optimal performance and longevity of your investment. With direct accessibility from the system’s screen, physicians and surgeons have an exceptional tool with minimal maintenance costs.

Make the smart choice

Are you a current CO₂ laser user? Have you considered switching to a TRIO laser? With DEKA’s proven track record of reliability and innovation, the SmartXide² TRIO medical laser system emerges as a standout choice.

As the industry adapts to new technology on the market, investing in a dependable laser device becomes increasingly essential. Whether it’s the peace of mind knowing that service and maintenance are in capable hands, or the assurance of accessing replacement parts, the TRIO offers a comprehensive solution.

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