Exploring the Future of Surgical Lasers: A Deep Dive into Lumenis Versus DEKA

In the dynamic field of surgical technology, where precision and innovation intersect, the choice of equipment can significantly impact patient outcomes and surgical efficacy. With recent developments such as Boston Scientific’s acquisition of Lumenis and the ascent of DEKA as a formidable contender, the landscape of CO₂ lasers is undergoing a profound evolution.

As a distributor for DEKA, it’s essential to have a comprehensive exploration of both Lumenis and DEKA. By uncovering their unique attributes, navigating nuances and making informed choices will be easier for surgeons, hospital decision-makers, and sales representatives.

Lumenis Surgical Lasers

Pioneering Excellence

Lumenis has long been hailed as a beacon of excellence in the realm of surgical lasers. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and reliability, Lumenis stands as a market leader with a technological legacy that spans decades. One of Lumenis’ hallmark strengths lies in its multi-tool approach, offering a diverse array of tools meticulously crafted for specific procedures. This tailored approach not only streamlines the procurement process but also ensures that surgeons have access to the precise tools needed to execute procedures with finesse and accuracy.

However, recent shifts in Lumenis’ corporate landscape have raised questions regarding infrastructure support. The change in employee or company structure has prompted concerns about support levels, particularly in regions like Europe, where Lumenis has a robust presence. The evolving situation has prompted some distributors to explore new partnership opportunities, which has allowed DEKA to step in and fill the gap.


The Vanguard of Innovation

Amidst the flux and transition in the medical industry, DEKA emerges as a beacon of innovation and technological advancement. Armed with leading RF-excitation technology, DEKA’s CO₂ laser stands as a testament to precision and versatility. With a maximum power output of up to 60W and a suite of operating modes, including U-pulse (ultrapulsed) and CW (continuous wave), thanks to PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology, DEKA empowers surgeons with the tools needed to navigate a diverse range of procedures with confidence and efficacy.

Where DEKA truly distinguishes itself is in its arsenal of accessories. Equipped with world-class scanner handpieces and joystick-controlled micromanipulators, DEKA’s laser systems offer unparalleled performance and control, facilitating pinpoint accuracy and minimizing thermal collateral effects. Its advanced features, including the HiScan surgical scanner, contributes to minimal invasiveness during procedures, and underscores DEKA’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of surgical laser technology.

“Thanks to the precision and replicability that only scan-assisted CO₂ laser microsurgery can offer, the new HiScan Surgical scan system, along with the Easyspot Hybrid micromanipulator, has significantly simplified the performance of delicate and complex surgical procedures such as transoral larynx surgery and laser stapedotomy.”

– Dr. Stefano Dallari
Director of the ENT Surgery Unit, Ospedale di Fermo, Italy

A Comparative Analysis: Lumenis versus DEKA

On the path to choosing the ideal surgical laser, comparing Lumenis and DEKA is crucial for informed decision-making. DEKA’s SmartXide² TRIO laser device offers advanced technical specifications and features tailored to the evolving needs of surgeons.

On the other hand, Lumenis is known for its established reputation and versatile approach, which many practitioners find reliable and familiar. Although recent organizational changes might raise concerns about support, Lumenis offers medical professionals valuable insights for future improvements and advancements.

DEKA Vs. Lumenis: A Technical Comparison

Here is an overview of how Lumenis compares to the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO from a technical perspective.

Technical Specifications Lumenis DEKA
Laser Type
CO₂ – 10.6mm, sealed-off DC-excited (old generation)
RF-excited (new generation)
Max Power
30/40W Acupulse (models 30ST/40ST)
Ultrapulsed Laser Operating Mode
Not available
PSD with Ultrapulsed available
High Powered 980nm Diode Laser Module (second wavelength)
Not available
“Robotic” Systems of Microsurgery
Available in all handpieces
Control from Joystick
Only one rotation option
Four options featuring rotation, dimensions, scan off-on, and centering
Scanning Dimensions at 400mm
0.3 - 5.0mm
0.1 – 6.3mm
Expression of % of Coagulation During Cutting
Not available
Turning Off Aiming Beam During Emission
Not available
Available with DOWL function

While Lumenis lasers are known for their high quality, DEKA offers significant advantages, particularly with its accessories:

In summary, while Lumenis lasers are renowned for their quality, the DEKA SmartXide² TRIO offers notable advantages in technical specifications and accessories. These features collectively make DEKA a compelling choice for healthcare providers seeking cutting-edge laser technology for a range of surgical procedures.

Navigating the Decision-Making Process

As surgeons, hospital decision-makers, and sales representatives embark on the journey of selecting the optimal surgical laser solution, the careful consideration of various factors is crucial. Whether opting for Lumenis or DEKA, the groundwork lies in aligning the decision with specific requirements and objectives. Performance, support infrastructure, and long-term value proposition should serve as a guide, ensuring that future investments yield tangible benefits and enhanced patient care.

IML’s Commitment to the Future of Healthcare

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